We are back, the complete story

Many of our old visitors may wonder what has actually happened to this site. TechTeria, with more than 30 exclusive articles and over 500 visitors per day suffered a huge server downtime last month. The web server was completely crashed resulting in the loss of complete data. This was a huge loss for us since TechTeria was sprinting towards success when all this has happened. We were not able to recover the older articles for which we are sorry. However, we were able to recover our wordpress customizations and design for any product including materials for branded bottled water or fabrics and more new designs for your site.
 This time, we have made few changes in the categorization of articles and the type of content which will be provided at TechTeria.

Clients keep asking us if they should use WordPress as their content management system or CMS. Ultimately, it depends on the goals of the site and what functionality is needed to support those goals.

That said, for most businesses and organizations we encounter, WordPress is the best CMS. WordPress functionality can be extended to fit most of our client’s website needs.

There is also a vast developer community out there building plugins for WordPress for just about anything you can imagine.

Digital marketing today requires organizations to have a CMS that’s easy to use and does not hamper content and marketing objectives. WordPress is great for digital marketing in the following ways…

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