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Hack SoundCloud and Download Tracks Easily

SoundCloud TrickWe know that SoundCloud is getting popular these days for sharing music and sound clips. Sometimes, the uploader allows users to download the file but if he has not enabled the download function, there is a small simple trick to download a Sound clip from SoundCloud.com.

All you have to do it follow these steps:

  • You will need Google Chrome since it has a quick “Inspect Element”  developer function.
  • Go to your desired song link.
  • In the orange Play button, right-click and then go to “Inspect element”.

  • Scroll down a bit in the source-code and you will see a line with code like “<script type=”text/javascript”>…</script>. Expand the sub-code by clicking the arrow at the start of this small line..
  • Now select the line highlighted in the picture above and scroll on the right.  You will   find a small parameter code like “streamUrl”:”http://media.soundcloud.com/stream/czxXAobN09OE?stream_token=KINOg”

  • Simply double-click that line and select only the URL. That is, only part starting from http:// till the double quote ends. For ex, in the above code, the part which needs to be selected will be “http://media.soundcloud.com/stream/czxXAobN09OE?stream_token=KINOg”  (consider without double quote here). Copy the code by Ctrl+C.
  • Now paste the code in a new tab/window. Run the link and it will play the file. To save the file, simple right-click that audio playing page and go to “Save As”. Save the file as “.MP3”. You’re done.
NOTE: Please see that we will not be responsible for any copyrights violation. Please make sure the track is not copyrighted or download at your own risk.

If you have any queries please post in the comments section.

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