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How to make your Google account secured and hacker proof?

google account securityMost people use Google and its services to stay connected with their friends and acquaintances online. Unfortunately, with the continuous technological advancements, e-mail and other social media accounts have become more susceptible of getting hacked. So, what needs to be done to avoid any hacking complexities and, how to make your Google account more secure and hacker-proof? Well, it doesn’t take you to be a professional or an IT-savvy to stay off the hacker route. All you need is to implement certain security measures to ensure full-on security of your Google account. Here, we have outlined some of helpful tips to secure your Gmail account in a jiffy. Take a look.

1. Enable 2-Step Verification

If you are on G-mail, this is a must-enable feature for securing your account from superfluous inclusion of a third party. When you activate 2-step verification, you have to provide a mobile number to Google, which will allow you to access G-mail on new devices. Google, in return, sends an SMS on the provided number with an exclusive verification code. Simply, go to your Google settings page and then navigate to the edit link of 2-Step Verification text.

2. Make use of HTTPS settings

An encrypted way to access your Google account, Secure HTTP settings will make any information send over your address extremely hard to crack. Though Google uses this technology for its application but double check if your address has HTTPS setting setup installed or not.

3. Regularly change your password, if possible

It has been always recommended by umpteenth professionals to change your password at least one in a quarter. Changing your log-in password at regular intervals will allow you the maximum security and a secured web accessing. Also, prefer long and hard-to-crack passwords over the short ones. So, take advantage of all numbers, QWERTY and symbols available on your keyboard to secure your account to the hilt.

4. Always set account recovery options

Account recovery options secure your Google account from getting hacked. Either you can recover your account by registering a phone number or an alternate email address, both ways you are ensuring a life-long safety of your email address. After registering your phone number or address, you are also asked to enter a security question. Not only will it recover your password if you have forgotten it, but, if any hacker tries to trespass on your account, it will also ask him/her a security question to protect your account.

5. Constantly check account Login details

To make the best of your account securing experience, be sure that you check the account login history details. To access your Gmail account history detail, click on “Last Account Activity” link from Google settings page.

In case you encounter any unusual activity, make sure to sign out from all the other sessions by simply clicking on the link. Google also provides Alert preferences setup to record unusual activity. Remember, hackers will always try to find any loop holes in your security settings. It’s you, who have to ensure that you are carefully plugging in and patching up all your loop holes, before it’s too late.


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