How to Play PSP Games on Android Device [TUTORIAL]

Sony PSP was one of the most popular handheld gaming console in its era. There were many titles exclusively released for PSP and not for PS2, PC or XBox. Since it’s been years since PSP was declared as over, you may not be able to find this console on online retail stores.

However, if you’re still interested in playing those old PSP titles without PSP, we have a quick and easy solution for you without spending a penny.

In this article, we will explain how to play PSP Games on Android device. Yes, that’s possible now.


Currently, PPSSPP supports almost most of the PSP Games. Hence, here are few popular and most trusted websites to download PPSSPP GAMES. Of course, all the ISOs are free of cost.


  • The first step is to download and Install PPSSPP from Playstore. This is a free application and is actually an emulator for PSP.
  • Find your desired Game ISO. You can find various available PSP Games in ISO format on this site.
  • Extract the ISO (image) file from the downloaded RAR/ZIP archive on your mobile. If you’re on PC, extract the files on your PC and then copy only the ISO file to your Mobile SD Card/Internal Storage.
  • Open the PPSSPP Application on your Android device.  Browse for the ISO you just copied and select. It should appear something like this:
    naruto ultimate ninja impact
  • Once you have selected the ISO Image file. Your game will automatically run.
  • NOTE: The performance of the game will depend on the hardware specifications of your Android device. This is a perfect emulator and it can emulate most of the popular PSP titles perfectly without any issues.

You need to remember that downloading ROMs isn’t legal until you own the original game. Since the original game isn’t available in the market, you can use the ROMs but at your own risk.

If you want the real gaming experience, you can get this cheap Gamepad for your Android device which works flawlessly with PPSSPP. If you’re a MOBA gamer then buy lol account for ranked games at UnrankedSmurfs.

psp games on android gamepad

If you are facing any issues while running the game on your Android device or need any further help regarding the configuration of the emulator, you can post it in the comments section below or can also visit the official forums of the developer mentioned on the Play store page.

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