How to Set Username for New Facebook Page with No likes

Facebook username for pages is a feature which will give you the vanity URL for your Facebook Page. Hence, you can have a URL like Setting Username for Facebook Pages is pretty easy.

  • You can go to, select your desired Page from the “Pages” drop down and set your desired username.
  • You can also set username for your Facebook page by going into the “About” section of your page.


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However, due to recent policy changes , you may not be able to set Username for a new fresh Facebook page. This is done because people were using the Usernames for their pages (making them unavailable for others) and hardly utilize their page after creation. Whenever you’ll try to set you may receive errors like:


There was an error while setting your username: Username has already been modified too many times.


You’re not  eligible to set a web address for this Page right now because you’ve recently  added or changed the Facebook web addresses for your Pages too many times.


No one knows the exact like requirement but people have noticed that after your page has reached certain count (50 for some categories, 100 average), you can set the Usernames. However, you may feel insecure if you have a Facebook page for your brand and you’re afraid that someone else might use it before so so it will become unavailable to you by the time you’ll reach that Like count.

Well you don’t have to worry now. Here is the simple trick to set up the Username for a fresh page which hasn’t got any likes. To do this follow these steps:

  • Create a New Facebook Profile. If you already have another Facebook account then you don’t have to create a new one.
  • Add your another profile (or new profile) as an ‘Admin‘ in the “Page Roles” under Page “Settings” using your current account.
  • Now log-in to your new profile and try to set the username using the above listed methods.
  • You will notice that you are easily able to set the username for your page.


Facebook may change their system anytime so if this method doesn’t work, please report us here.


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