How to Save Your Bookmarks to Dropbox

If you’re a kind of person who saves all the Interesting links as bookmarks in your browser and always find it difficult to transfer bookmarks to other devices so that you can access them whenever you want, Dropbox has finally given a solution to this problem. Although you can sync your Chrome bookmarks from Desktop to Mobile or Safari Bookmarks to iOs, this new Dropbox feature will allow you to save your bookmarks in your Dropbox account so that you can access them in any other device with Dropbox Installed.

All you need to do is, simply Drag the URL from the “Address Bar” of the browser to your Dropbox file manager.

Credits: TechCrunch

Now, you can drag and drop URLs into your Dropbox — on the web and on your desktop — and open them on any of your devices. This means you can take your bookmarks anywhere, instead of having them confined to a certain browser on a certain computer. But it also means you can organize all your information, no matter the format, into Dropbox folders — so your information is in one central place – Dropbox Blog

You can not only save the links in your Dropbox account but you can also share it with others.

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