How to make Facebook Videos play in HD by default

For many videos, Facebook compressed the size and reduces the quality of the Videos uploaded so that users with slow Internet connections can view the video. However, if you want Facebook to play all the videos in HD mode by default, all you have to do is a simple setting.

  1. Open your Facebook account. From the Drop-down menu at the Right-top cornet, select “Settings”.
  2. Once the Settings page is opened, you will see an option with “Videos” on the left menu like in the picture below. Click on it.facebook video in hd
  3. In the”Video Default Quality” setting, select “HD if available”.
  4. You’re done! Now, if your Facebook videos are available in HD, it will automatically be played in HD mode.

Please note that the action may vary according to the preferences you have set on your Facebook apps on your mobile. These settings work well when you are browsing Facebook on PC.

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