How to Fix Xiaomi Redmi 2 Battery Drain Problem

If you’ve recently bought your Redmi 2 Prime or Redmi 2 device with preloaded MIUI 6 , you might be facing battery drain issues with it. Â In some of the Redmi devices, the major battery drain issue is caused by Media server. If you notice that Media server is consuming lots of battery on your device, it might be possible that Media server is the main culprit, in Mount Pleasant there is a phone repair company that can help you fixing your phone.

Mediaserver is a task in the system software which locally keeps tracks of stored media files on Android devices. This helps your Music or Video application to detect and run the files immediately. In Redmi devices, there is an issue with Mediaserver scanning for MKV files which consumes lot of battery in the background. Here is a solution to this problem:

  • Delete your MKV files if present.
  • You can also try renaming your .MKV files to .MP4 files.
  • Add .nomedia files in your Video folders. To do this, simple create a black .txt file and rename it as “.nomedia” and then place it in your video folders on your card and phone memory.
  • Please note that if the battery drain issue is caused by something else, the above tricks won’t do much for you.

For some Redmi 2 Prime and Redmi 2 Users, the above trick has done the job.

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