How to Disable Facebook Video Autoplay

Recently facebook made some changes in their newsfeed  system which automatically plays Videos you come across while scrolling the newsfeed.  It may not be something to worry about for the users who have got high-speed Internet connection but if you have a low-spec system or low Internet speed, it can slow down your browser and can consume unnecessary data bandwidth. To disable Auto-playing of videos in your newsfeed (while using Facebook Web), you can follow the procedure :


  • Click on the Down arrow located on the top-right of your Facebook bar/panel.
  • Go to “Settings”. You can also go to setting through this Link.
  • Now, click on “Videos” from the left side menu.disable autoplay facebook videos
  • Now, a page will open with Facebook’s Video settings.  In the “Auto-Play Videos” section, click on the dropdown menu located just after the text and select “Off”.
    display autoplay facebook videos
  • You have successfully disabled the Video Auto-play feature for Facebook Web. In case you want to disable the video auto-play mode in your Facebook App, kindly change the settings from your App itself.

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