How to Clean Scratch Disk on Macbook

Scratch disks are used in the graphic design, in programs like Photoshop. It is temporary storage and can not be used for backing up docs. It can be set to erase all data to free up the disk room on your Mac but make sure to delete the file in its entirety as a data recovery service can quickly recover all the deleted files.┬áThe management of it is typically dynamic occurring when needed. Mac users work with numerous video and photo editing apps like Photoshop. These tools are splendid, but continuous work with them can lead to system problems with “scratch disk full” notification. The most widespread one is when Photoshop does not install, because of the error scratch disks full on Mac.

Three Ways to clear the Scratch Disk

If you wish to cope with the task, you need to erase the temp docs. Some users may change a hard drive and set it as a scratch disk. It is not the best way to fix the error. A hard drive can also be full after some time usage. For some users, there is only one hard drive. You may select one of these methods.

1. Clear your disk

Move to your Mac drive and find the useless docs, which you do not like to save. Erase them to free up the room. Move to an external drive or cloud storage media docs, and you do not wish to use, like the movies, videos, photos.

2. Remove temporary files

The caches from graphic design tools, such as Photoshop can waste a lot of room on your computer if you do not erase them. To find out temp docs open search and choose the files with extension “temp.” Then delete them from the computer.

The problem can also arise when you have opened to many photos in Photoshop or process too many numbers of layers.

This error can appear because Photoshop records each step of creating temp docs, that is needed to record the intermediate results performed in the app. To cope with the problem:

  1. Open Adobe Photoshop and look what hard drive is set as your scratch disk. Then choose Photoshop>Preferences>Performance. Look how much room is left.
  2. Limit the quantity of states history

You can free up more room by reducing the number of history steps.

Select “History and a cache” and “States History” in the Productivity Parameters dialog box and drag the slider to a lower value.

  1. Clear off the memory

If there is a problem connected with a lack of room, the best way to solve it is to clean the memory. You can increase the performance of the system in many times. There are numerous options to achieve it.



Select about Photoshop, by pressing the “option” key. Clearing the memory, which is not used, will increase the productivity of the software. The app can open the big docs slowly after you have cleared off the massive size of memory, as the tool allocate the room that was freed. It will happen only for the first time, so you do not need to worry.

Hope these easy tips will help you to keep your notebook clean and organized.

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