How to Check your Android Device for Stagefright Vulnerability

Call it a bug or a technical issue, this new exploit named “Stagefright” has completely changed Android. If your phone is vulnerable to this exploit, a hacker can take control of your phone and access all the data. This attack is focused on MMS but it can also gain access through MP4 media files or few other unknown android apps. Most of the companies , such as Motorola have already announced that they will be providing an update to fix this issue. However, in the meantime, you can check your device if it is vulnerable to this exploit or not by the following method:

  • Download this Stagefright Detector App from PlayStore.
  • Install the application and Run to check whether your Smartphone is vulnerable to this or not.stagefright android check
  • If your system is Vulnerable, kindly look for the latest OS update from your Manufacturer.

If Latest OS with fixed vulnerability is not available for your device till now, kindly follow the steps below to protect your smartphone against the attacks:

  • Disable “Auto Retrieve” MMS from your Message settings.
  • For Google Messenger, go to Menu > Settings > Advanced and disable “Auto Retrieve”.
  • For Hangouts, go to Menu > Settings > SMS and deselect the “Auto Retrieve” checkbox.
  • Don’t accept MMS from unknown senders.
  • If you are using any custom SMS app then make sure it doesn’t download the MMS automatically.
  • Don’t try to play uknown videos embedded on webpages you don’t trust. There is a chance that your smartphone may be compromised.

While it may not be possible for older devices to get the fix for their Android OS, if you are still willing to use MMS function, you can switch to Custom Android ROMs.

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