How to Capture In-Game Videos

Are you an avid gamer looking to showcase your brilliant gaming adventures to the world? Are you often the techie for every new gamer wanting to learn the ropes of popular games? Well, then, why don’t you record your gameplay and show it to the world? You can upload it on YouTube or on your social media profile. But how to do that? Well, reputed software developer Movavi has come up with a superior screen capture software that can easily capture your in-game experiences. Named “Movavi Gecata”, the cutting edge program is a lightweight user-friendly game recorder that will help you to record and flaunt in-game triumphs and challenges easily.

The post below offers a brief on Movavi Gecata

movavi gecata

Game capture in just one-click

One of the best parts of the Movavi program is its easy interface. It allows you to capture the gameplay in just a click! How cool is that!

You will just need to click on F10 on your keyboard to start the recording on the screen at 60fps. It’s as easy as that! After the recording is done, the recorded video can be displayed in MP4 format which you can conveniently upload online.

2-way sound capture

This is one of the major reasons behind the high end popularity of the Gecata software. Yes, the software enables you to record sound in gameplay both-ways. On one hand, you will be able to capture the in-game music, audio effects as well as dialogue. On another hand, you could check here and use the Gecata program to record microphone output. Let’s say, you are recording the gameplay to create a tutorial for novice players. In that case, you can include your voice-over in the recording to provide important tips and suggestions for the new players.

You can save the sound streams in separate sound files for easy editing later. This way, you can edit the audio part without tampering with the video footage.

Captures video from webcam

Do you know that the Movavi program doesn’t only record from screen- it can also record from your webcam footage?  Won’t it be great to offer a hint of the ambient ambience within the recording to create a more realistic capture? The viewers will be able to see your different expressions at various stages of the game. It will create an immersive feel altogether.

Uploads to YouTube

You will definitely want to celebrate your gaming triumphs with the world? In that case, it’s best to upload the recording on YouTube. As mentioned previously, after the recording is done, you can easily upload the captured video on YouTube with Gecata. The capture format of Gecata software is optimized for the leading video sharing site. It will take only a few minutes to upload the captured video on YouTube with the Movavi program.

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