How to Backup your WordPress to Dropbox

Sometimes, you may not get time time backup your files or even download the backup files from your server. This generally happens with free web hosts when your host suddenly crashes or suspends your account without even allowing you to download the backup.

However, here is a cool solution for you to backup all the data to your Dropbox account so that you can download your backups later on .  The plugin name is WordPress Backup to Dropbox.

This plugin automatically backup your SQL and data files to your Dropbox account. You can check here to select specific files to be included in the backup and you can select the desired schedule for the backup. This plugin is 100% secured and it won’t access your Dropbox details so you need not to worry regarding the security of your files in Dropbox.


This Plugin may require higher PHP version and cURL support so make sure your hosting server supports this before Installing it on your wordpress as it may increase server load.

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