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General Tips to Improve Wi-Fi Signals at Home

Boost Wi-Fi SignalsMany times you struggle with low Wi-Fi signals at your home. Generally the router which you use at home provides Wi-Fi signals with range up to 100m inside your house or 300m in open. Though there are many ways to increase the Wi-Fi signals like using a repeater on an Access Point but they are very costly. Here are few general tips which will help you to improve the signal strength up to some level.

1. Avoid placing other wireless instruments like Cordless phone etc. near the router. Appliances like Cordless phones produce high signals which may create some problems for your router signals.

2. Place your router to the most open area of your house. Remember, the number of obstacles it will encounter, the number of times it’s signal  strength will decrease. Its better to place the router around which you generally use your Wi-Fi devices.

3. You can experiment with the antenna of the router by pointing it to various directions which gives you maximum signals.
4. Avoid placing things which are made up of metal near the router. They will simply decrease the strength of your Wi-Fi signals. 

5. This trick has worked for some people but it is not a full proof technique. You can wrap an Aluminium foil around your router’s Antenna. For some people it has helped to increase the signal quality but still this is just a trick for experiment.

These are the few tips which can help you to improve signal strength of your home Wi-Fi network but the better way for this is to use Access Points or repeaters. Though they will cost around Rs 2,500-4,000 ($48-$77) but they are worth buying.

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