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How to Export Contacts from Android to iPhone with ease

If the appeal of the new iPhone has finally led you to make the switch but if you are worrying over transferring your contacts from your Android Phone to the iPhone, the fact is just as there are multiple applications available now to bring convenience to the different aspects of our lives the exporting of contacts from one phone to another is also not as tedious a task it used to be. This holds especially true when the number of contacts in the list runs in thousands.

You need not copy the contacts to the internal memory of your SIM to transfer the information to your new iPhone and if your contacts list is long, it is not a practical way either. iCloud has made the task easier. This is only expected from the times that we live in where we have the applications to use our phones as remote controls or to lock and unlock our PCs as per our distance from the computer. Here is the process you need to undertake for a step-by-step approach to exporting contacts from an Android phone to an iPhone.

1. Select the contacts from your Gmail contacts list

The fact that Android phones have an in-built feature to back up your contacts to Gmail make the task of exporting contacts considerably easier. It is not the contacts stored in the phone’s memory but the ones in your Gmail contacts list that you need to copy to your iPhone. Select all contacts or about 50 to 70 contacts at a time to make the processing quicker. Choose the appropriate alternatives after selecting Export Contacts. Opt for Selected Contacts option or All Contacts. The All Contacts option may make the processing slower or the application may not function as desired. Select the vCard format. This is the format that is compatible with an iPhone. Click on Export button.


2. Copy the contents to desktop

A file download dialogue opens in the browser. Save the contacts list in the vCard format to your desktop.


3. Add the contacts to iCloud and sync

Now, iCloud comes into the picture. Go to and log into your iCloud account. Find and open the application for Contacts. Add the copied contacts list in vCard format to the Contacts application in iCloud. Drag and drop to add. The iPhone then syncs the contact list of the phone with the details in the copied contacts list from Gmail.


The battle for market share between Android phones and an iPhone continues with the launch of new and better models of Android phones. Apple too is keeping the interest alive in an iPhone by launching new models with better features. People are keen on seeing more changes including a large display and a better camera in the iPhone 5 model. When that happens, many people are likely to make the switch from an Android phone to an iPhone. With the presence of iCloud, the process of exporting the contacts will be as easy and convenient as it gets.

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