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3 Quick Tricks to Escape from Facebook Photo Lightbox

facebook image boxFacebook added photo lightbox last year which allows you to view photos easily one-by one just like you’re viewing your PC photos on Picasa or any similar image viewer. Today Facebook made some changes in the Layout of this lightbox. There are some Chrome/Firefox plugins which can block this Lightbox. However, for slow connections or if you don’t want to view the images using this Facebook lightbox, here are some quick tricks for you:

  • While browsing your photo in the lightbox, simply press F5 (or refresh) and your image will open in old Facebook image viewer layout.


  • If your browser support tabbed browsing (most of the browsers supports this feature), simple right-click on the image you want to view, and then click “Open it in new tab” (or something similar Label). Now, your image will open in a new tab but with the old Facebook image layout.


  • A bit tricky one but yet simple, simply remove the text “&theatre” (without quotes) from the URL of the image while it is opened in a lightbox in your browser’s Address bar and Press ‘Enter’. This one is something similar to first trick.


If you have a high speed Internet and a fast PC then you will definitely don’t go for this but this trick is helpful for those who have a slow Internet connection or a crappy computer.

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