Types Of Label Printers That Can Make Your Work Easy

Different businesses have different business needs. Custom label printing Melbourne have been printing high quality labels for their clients for years now. If you are well settled or an established business or just setting up your shop, please read this article about the best portable printer scanner. A product is incomplete as long as it doesn’t flaunt a sophisticated barcode or a price tag. These small pieces of paper can be printed and attached to the product with the help of a label printer. This article will guide you on the best label printing technologies available. Please choose one that suits your business. You may also go for veteran custom label printing Melbourne for your printing needs.

In general, there are four various types of technologies for printing barcodes and other labels. You may need a good Paper Stand Singapore – LTC Offices Supplies to have better results on your work.

  1. Thermal printer

In a thermal printer, the ribbon is transferred to the label by using heat. Thermal printers, also known as TT printers, can be used for small scale businesses as well as large enterprises. You can have entry grade models that work on a job basis as well as professional ones that print large numbers of custom labels continuously. Call Briter Australasia today for help and advice about the printing of your custom labels and stickers.

The global market size of thermal printers in 2018 was approximately $35 billion. This number is set to grow up to $43 billion by 2023. To know more about the TT global trend, you could further read this report. These printers use lower heat settings. Therefore, they can be used on paper, ribbon, and plastic labels. You can use thermal printers in various environments like hot, cold temperatures, oily environments, outdoor, and long-distance scanning, to name a few. 

Small businesses find these printers useful for their low energy consumption. The best part of these printers is they are not as expensive as you think. If you are looking for a quality thermal label printer, click here

  1. Direct thermal label printers

These are quite similar to thermal printers, but there is one crucial difference. These printers do not have ink ribbons. Instead, these printers have select chemicals that are activated once they pass across the heat sensor. When these chemicals are activated, images are produced on the labels. 

Since there are no ribbons, the cost of printing a label is lesser, but you may need to pay extra for the particular chemicals. If you are not sure whether your business would scale up or not, you may consider setting up a direct thermal label printer, which is affordable and yet high-quality. However, it is not meant for long term use. 

Generally speaking, the life of a direct thermal printer is 25-30% less than that of a thermal printer. Please note that labels from DT printers are not as sharp and vibrant as thermal printer labels. Some DT printers can be re-used in conjunction with thermal printers. 

  1. Laser printer

Home and office-based businesses find laser printers affordable. However, please note that the durability of labels printed by the laser techno, according to the enlightening bits of information found on laser level advisor, can vary from hot/cold environments to office ones. These label printers are incredibly cheap but have fewer functionalities as well. The average price is as low as 135 AUD. 

Laser sheets work on dry toners as well as coloured inks. This means you can produce black and white as well as coloured labels using a laser printer. The quality of laser-printed names is quite good. These labels can withstand UV environments but may degrade in chemical atmospheres. You may also invest in sticker printers recommended by vinylcuttingmachineguide for commercial use.

The biggest disadvantaged of a laser printer is that you cannot print many labels in one go. You may have to repeat all the processes after every name is published. This takes away a lot of your precious time. If you have a strict timeline to follow, you may want to skip on the laser printing fashion.

Types of Labels 

Small and more significant businesses use these types of labels:

  1. Dry peel labels-used on containers and packages
  2. Fold-out names- meant for instant coupons
  3. Reseal names- used on lunch packs, and other food packets
  4. Specialty die-cut labels- when you have to print uniquely shaped labels
  5. Tagging and board labels- used on coarse surfaces like laminations and boards

We hope the article has helped you to understand the various printers and labels you can choose from.

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