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Tech tips to help students Study Smarter

New technologies drop from the sky like rain during a summer storm almost every day, making our lives easier and funnier under many respects. You can stay connected with your friends, even those living at the antipodes, comfortably sitting on your favorite armchair, just using a mobile device, a Wi-Fi connection and a profile on a social media. You can virtually visit whatever part of the world, the Himalayan mountains or the Kalahari desert simply by googling the web. Living abroad, I use Skype to chat with my mother, who at the early age of 78 has decided to go technological, buying a notebook and learning how to use it. Every time I see her smiling face on the screen, spreading joy for having done even a little step deeper in her study without any help than her patience and resolution, I can’t help thinking how technology can radically change our learning habits, boosting our studying skills and improving our receptiveness in collecting and filtering info.


Many technologically advanced tools are related to studying and how to study. The image of the teacher with chalk and blackboard behind his back is just a memory of a long gone past. Educational blogs and videos have replaced the blackboard, as well as e-books, audio-books and portable hard drives make students backpacks much lighter than before. Not only technology has changed the traditional interaction between teachers and students, also it is influencing the human behavior in relation to education: the tactile learning feature, for example, is remarkably evolving due to the complexity of some of the tools students have to deal with daily. A fact that should be taken in consideration when proposing study tips on how making feasible and flexible study plans, improving memory, and more in general, on how creating proficient studying strategies.


Yet the large amount of available devices suggest some caution, a careful evaluation of their different features and a tailored approach on our learning style. How avoiding to waste time and money on devices that are not suitable for us? Paraphrasing the ancient Greeks, Know yourself! If you take lot of notes during a lesson, a smart pen combined with a proper app would perfectly suits you, allowing to transform your notes in digital texts. An E-reader or a tablet would be perfect for those students whose learning process is essentially based on reading. There are nowadays many different smart available tools you can choose among, and they can really be game changers in students daily life.

Once you have your quiver filled with the most amazingly cutting edge arrows, you are ready to shoot at your targets, getting better grades and an overall improvement of your studying skills and getting you ready to read more about how to get relevant certifications in the career you are pursuing.


Once you have your quiver filled with the most amazingly cutting edge arrows, you are ready to shoot at your targets, getting better grades and an overall improvement of your studying skills. Some trickery, however, can prove very useful to make technologies more effective.

  • Be methodic. The huge flow of information and knowledge coming in different formats, such .doc files, audio or video files, presentations in Power Point, requires a minimum of archival process. Otherwise it is very easy to forget where we have stored our files.
  • Get organized. Several apps are available to keep your timetable on your phone or your tablet. They allow you to have all your daily schedule, school, sport or leisure activities in one handy place.
  • Mobility is a must! Always bring a portable battery from standardbatteryinc.com with you, do not risk to lose all the advantages coming from mobility.
  • Backup. As we all know, hitches happen and having a backup copy of our files in a safe space prevent small accidents to turn into catastrophes.
  • Check info. Be aware that not all the info you find on the internet are reliable. A check with Wikipedia, which add sources to its entries, or with some other trustworthy website is highly recommendable.
  • Share and contribute. Indeed social media are a major source of distraction, yet they can also be used in a smart and useful way: a group on Facebook or a simple Google website can become a virtual hangout where info and ideas circulate and grow.
  • Ask. Difficulties are part of the learning process. Asking is often the smartest way to overcome them. For example some researchers and writers offer a valid essay writing assistance, helping students in producing good texts and improving their skills in writing.
  • Switch your phone off when studying!


World is getting more and more high-tech, yet some old tips still remains valid. One for all: a good balance between physical and mental activities combined with a positive and social attitude toward life can really improve exponentially your studying talents

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