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5 Newest and Most Interesting Technologies of This Generation

Over the past year, a lot of new technologies have been created including genetic predictions, quantum computers, and universal translators.

The newest technologies of our time

Over the past year, science and technology have created a lot of amazing things such as genetic predictions, quantum computers, and universal translators. WritingBee decided to tell you about them.

Real-time translation with headphones

In the sci-fi novel, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, characters inserted special yellow fish into their ears, which enabled them to instantly translate speech from one language to another. Today, too, appeared a similar device – for $159 Google offers everyone a set of headphones Pixel Buds. They are compatible with Pixel phones and allow using Google Translate to get the translation of the interlocutor’s speech in real time.
One user has headphones and the other one has a smartphone. The owner of the earpiece speaks his own language (by default this is English), and the application through the microphone captures his voice, recognizes, translates, and outputs the final result. This system works in the reverse order, which facilitates communication between multilingual interlocutors.

Natural gas without carbon

For a long time, there was a myth that natural gas will become the main source of energy for humanity when the world runs out of oil. This cheap and easily available raw material is actively used now – in the U.S., it accounts for about 30% of all energy produced, while the world figure is only slightly lower – 22%. Despite the fact that this fuel is indeed much cleaner than the coal one, it still contains a huge amount of CO2, which has a detrimental effect on the Earth’s atmosphere.
An experimental power station near Houston is working on a technology that could emit clean energy from natural gas. The Net Power project aims to generate energy with the same efficiency as standard natural gas installations but at the same time to capture 100% of harmful carbon dioxide emissions in the process.
The technology emits carbon dioxide from natural gas, thereby obtaining a liquefied concentrate. Most of it comes through special pipes for recycling, and the absorption of the remaining emissions does not require expensive equipment. Of course, Net Power will not solve absolutely all problems related to natural gas, especially those related to its extraction. But for today it is one of the cheapest and most effective cleaning technologies, the massive use of which will in fact render the ecology a great service.

Inviolability of personal information

Everyone knows that for comfortable work on the internet you often have to share personal data with one or another service. Thanks to the new software, this injustice can be corrected – it will prove that you are already 18 years old without entering the date of birth or that there are enough funds in your bank account to complete the transaction without showing the balance and other details.

This tool is a new cryptographic protocol called zero-knowledge proof. The researchers worked on it for many years, but the public really paid attention to this development only last year, on the wave of universal obsession with crypto currency. Developers have launched their own currency Zcash, which allowed users to make anonymous transactions. An important thing to look into first before making any online trades or investing in cryptocurrency is to research on what platform you’ll be using. Some of the most known brokers are HotForex vs XM. Both of these platforms’ brokers offer some of the most popular and advanced trading platforms.

Genetic predictions

One day each child will receive not only a birth certificate but also special cards on DNA. They will reflect the predictions of the propensity to different diseases, including cancer and pathologies of the heart muscle, the potential for physical and even mental development. All this became possible thanks to medical research, in which more than a million people took part.
Scientists have found that the most common illnesses, behavioral personality types and propensity to different types of intelligence are the result of the influence of not one but a lot of genes that function in synergy with each other.

Quantum computers

The powers of the new quantum computers allow scientists to think about the practical implementation of ideas that used to be just a topic for scientific disputes on paper. Chemists already dream of creating proteins for much more effective medicines, electrolytes for more effective batteries, and compounds that can transform sunlight into liquid fuel. Now this is impossible – we cannot model individual stable molecules on a classic computer.
However, new machines use qubits instead of the usual ones and zeros, which in themselves are quantum systems. Once this technology steps to the next level, it’ll be possible to model much larger and interesting molecules. It’s not just about the banal increase in the number of qubits, but, importantly, about the development of more optimized algorithms.

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