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How to use Hydraulic Linear Actuator

As our world experiences great changes, so do mechanisms and machines. Scientists and engineers work hard to improve every single industry and create the best conditions for every innovation.

Today, we will talk about linear actuators, their definition and the principle of work. Those tools can operate various engines and complicated technological construction.

Linear Actuators

First of all, let us define what a linear actuator is. As you know, the motion within an electric motor is circular. Talking about a linear actuator we mean a completely different thing, when the motion is generated in a straight line.

The field of application for those tools is wide. Linear actuators are used in simple machines and complex industrial technologies. Even the printer standing next to your PC is built using a linear actuator. Those tools may differ in prices and capabilities, but each of them finds its own place on the market.


Hydraulic Actuators and Their Principle of Work

Hydraulic actuators, along with pneumatic and electric types, are representatives of linear actuators. They are called hydraulic because of the hydraulic hollow cylinder used as a core element of the construction. It produces the linear motion. A special piston in the cylinder is responsible for generating force as a result of applied pressure. In turn, the force can be used to move objects or other elements of the mechanism.

Hydraulic linear actuators provide the possibility to fully control the displacements. The line of movement is defined precisely by its axis.

The Advantages of Hydraulic Actuators

Hydraulic actuators find their best application as tools for basic motion. More complex movements might require a different type of tool.

To understand whether they are suitable for your purposes, let’s see their key advantages:

  • Ability to reach high forces

This is the most important feature of a hydraulic actuator. These small actuators are able to reach forces ranging from 66.000 kN to 190.000 kN.

  • Clear design

Many engineers prefer using these actuators because of their simple design. Here, technology is easy and understandable, so this may be a way to simplify the whole process.

  • Great loads

The design of the mechanism allows handling extremely high loads without damage. When there is a need for high forces, this is a great advantage.

  • Good prices

The prices for hydraulic actuators are quite reasonable and comparatively low. The price-quality ratio makes them great value.

Hydraulic linear actuators can solve many tasks and improve the technological processes greatly. Find one that fits your needs best and enjoy the results!

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