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How to Prepare for NEET Exam – NEET 2020 Mock Tests

The National Eligibility Entrance Test provides the gateway to the MBBS and BDS aspirants, pursuing their degree courses in the many private and government medical institutions in India. It is a difficult examination to crack and last year, of all the 14,10,700 candidates, only 7,87,042 were selected for the qualifying stages. The competitiveness of the exam is really high. The preparation for the exam takes months and all the candidates are required to study three crucial subjects – chemistry, physics and biology. If you want to achieve a good rank in the NEET exam, you must solve Vedantu NEET mock test papers that prepare you for  .

Solving mock test papers helps the students in many ways. Since the syllabus of the exam is extensive, it is important you stay in touch with all the chapters frequently. The syllabus is mainly based on the Class 11 and 12 content. Mock tests are one of the best ways to prepare yourself for the entrance examination. How is it so? We will discuss that in today’s blog.

Benefits of Solving NEET Mock Test Papers

Here is a list of all the benefits that you can enjoy by solving NEET mock tests. Take a look at them and start solving the papers very soon! – 

  • Understand the exam pattern – one of the most important benefits of solving mock tests is that it helps to understand the exam pattern. There is nothing better than practical experience, that helps the students get details about the pattern. They will have a better idea of the sections that are present and get a theoretical knowledge of NEET exam.
  • Exposure to difficulty – the NEET exam, as we already mentioned, is a difficult one to crack and get a good rank. The questions range from various difficulty levels. It is imperative for the students to understand the difficulty level of each of the chapters or topics. Thus, preparing them for the final NEET Examination. Every subject is of a separate level of difficulty to every student. Hence, mock tests will help you understand it clearly.
  • Improve time management – managing your time in any exam is very important. In the NEET exam, you will get 3 hours to solve 180 questions. So that is quite a narrow time frame that is given. But, you can actually finish the paper, if you have the prior experience and practice. Mock tests allow you to improve your time management skills and ensure that you do not lag behind in time during the exam.
  • Marks weightage – the syllabus for NEET examination is usually very extensive, consisting of 3 subjects. Out of all the topics and chapters, some of them carry more marks than other topics. So, you need to identify them and prepare yourself accordingly. It will not only help you to study them thoroughly, but improve your overall marks as well.

So, here are the most crucial benefits that you can enjoy by solving NEET mock tests. There are many websites, where you will find NEET mock test papers. Visit them and solve the papers to prepare yourself for the final examination.

Important Highlights of Solving Mock Tests

Here are some factors that you must consider before you start solving NEET mock tests – 

  • The ideal time to start solving mock test papers is when the candidates have completed at least 50% of the syllabus. This will give the required boost to the students for completing the left syllabus.
  • At Least 4 mock tests in a month is the ideal frequency of solving the papers. However, if you think that you have prepared yourself well, you can solve two mock test papers every week.
  • Make sure to allot yourself the same time, or lesser time to solve the mock test paper. This will help you increase your writing speed and overall efficiency. Solving the paper in 2.5 hours is ideal.

Conclusion – here are the vital details that you should be knowing about the NEET 2020 mock tests. The exams are approaching, and the candidates are required to start their preparation thoroughly beforehand for a better final result. Check out our blog for a clear idea of the benefits of solving NEET 2020 mock test papers.

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