How Order Forms are replacing online shops

One of the best things to mankind is the coming of the internet. The 21st century business is one of the easiest to start and run. Today, with just a laptop and a mobile phone, anyone can start a business from the comfort of their homes.

E-commerce is a business model that completely transformed one of the oldest habits known to man- buying and selling. Not everyone who wants to sell something online has the capacity to fund a complete e-commerce website but everyone can start with a simple order form that can be used to collect and process orders quickly and easily.

An order form is a type of online form that allows customers state the details of the goods or services they wish to purchase. These forms are so easy to create and can be quickly integrated into other marketing functions like follow up.

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What then are the benefits of order forms?

  1. Order forms are economical

With these forms, you don’t really need to build a full scale online store for your products. The cost of building an e-commerce store has made lots of persons give up on starting their businesses online. You can always market your products online or on social media and direct them to order using your order form. It is very easy and most of these forms come free of charge.


  1. It takes few minutes to create.

The time taken to create an online orderform cannot be compared to the time taken to create a full scale online shop. Whereas order forms take minutes to hours maximum, e-commerce stores can take more than days to months of work.


  1. Information received is well structured,

When orders are taken from order forms, the orders are properly collected and structured in a way that allows you process them easily. You don’t need any technical knowledge to understand the use of order forms. You don’t need to code.


How to build an order form from Aidaform

Building an order form from Aidaform is very quick and easy to do. Anyone with an average intelligence can do this perfectly.


  1. Go to

Click on “Sign up” if you are visiting the site for the first time or “log in” if you have already created an account before.


  1. Create your order form

Once you have created an account, you will be redirected to the member’s area. Click “Create an order form” and you will be given the opportunity to choose the best template you would love to work with.


  1. Customize the form

Once you have created your form, your next job will be to add more elements to the form by asking more questions and customizing the form to your taste.


  1. Publish.

Now you are ready to go live. Click on publish and a link will be generated for your survey with which you can send to your numerous friends and customers. You can view the survey results anytime you wish in your member’s area.

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