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How Apps Have Changed the World

In 2008 we saw Apple and Google both launch app stores. While the new technology was always expected to be popular, there weren’t many who could have predicted just how huge the world of apps would have grown to in less than a decade. Covering everything from exercise, cooking and travel to productivity and augmented reality, the sheer range of apps available is mind-boggling. The industry has certainly come a long way from those early days when web giants Apple and Google launched their respective app stores.

The Move to Mobile

The focus in software development over the years has meant adding more and more features and functions into a program in order to market it as a brand-new version. But, as most people now spend the majority of their time computing on their phones, the type of software the public now wants has changed. Mobile phones are no longer merely devices that enable us to make calls while on the move, the technology has changed our lives dramatically.

As smartphones evolved, rudimentary mobile apps began to appear. Suddenly, our phones were calculators, mini computers, flashlights, compasses and calendars. While these basic apps are all still popular, both the complexity and range of apps that have come since the early days have hugely increased. Smartphones and tablets are now replacing computers for many people for functions such as photo editing, TV watching, gaming and everything in between. From work to entertainment, we’re now living in a golden age of apps.

Where Apps Are Thriving

Whether it’s for catching up on the news through the BBC, posting selfies on Instagram, watching a movie on Netflix or playing World of Warcraft with your mates, it’s highly likely you have a group of go-to apps on your phone. Modern society now requires speed in every aspect of our lives – no waiting, no lingering. And when it comes to quickly accessing data, mobile apps have the upper hand. Simple to use and – if not free – rarely expensive, apps have been able to cater to people of all ages, tastes and occupations.

For instance, the world of online casinos has been quick to embrace apps. Be it poker, roulette, slots or blackjack, the likes of Betway give their members access to these iconic games through their app. In doing so, they have opened the industry to a new generation of players. It’s a similar story when it comes to travel: Apps let you control every part of a trip abroad; from booking flights to researching hotels, translating words to discovering local culture. Instant messaging is another aspect of apps that is enjoying a huge period of success thanks in part to apps. Names such as Skype and WhatsApp are now established as must-have services.

With so much choice out there, brands that have launched apps have had to make sure their product stands out from the crowd. And as the technology continues to evolve, it’s certainly exciting to think just what mobile applications will look like in another ten years, especially when virtual reality has become more accessible.

What is Next for Apps? 

With the app market projected to grow to over $100billion by 2020, we’re talking about one of the fastest growing markets in the world. As an Android user, you can now choose from over 1.5million apps, while Apple users can pick one of the 1.4million apps available to download. The average person spends 90 minutes a day on their phone, according to a recent study. So, it’s not that hard to figure out just why so many companies are trying to develop apps that will help your business, keep you entertained or enhance your personal life. As more businesses and brands use apps as a way to advertise and promote themselves, the number of free options for users is set to increase.

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