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4 Pros and Cons of Corrective Maintenance

We all know that maintenance is important, regardless of the industry and the size of your company. Even in that, there are different strategies that you can implement, but how do you know which one is best suited for your needs? CMMS is very important, regardless of the strategy that you intend to implement.

One of the popular maintenance strategy used by large and small companies alike is corrective maintenance which helps repair business assets and tools after they have failed. Before you go for this method, it is essential to learn about its various pros and cons to see whether it is suitable for your business needs. While preventive maintenance is crucial, sometimes failures cannot be avoided and in such cases, corrective maintenance is the only way.


It is essential to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of corrective maintenance in detail to understand where this method is most appropriate. For instance, when there are assets of low criticality and cost for preventive techniques is higher than that for eventual repair and maintenance, then corrective maintenance is the best choice. You can also use this approach when the malfunction of a resource does not affect the operations or business productivity steeply or directly.


It is also possible to optimize the operations and processes, report and solve all the faults in a timely and effective way to improve customer satisfaction. You can assign technicians automatically. Also, timely reporting of malfunctions by each team members and easy fault organizations are some ways of optimization.

Pros of Corrective Maintenance

  1. Low short term costs incurred – Since corrective maintenance is done after an error or malfunction has occurred, there is very little to do after purchasing of a resource and before a problem actually occurs.
  2. Easy to understand and implement – This process is easy to understand and implement since it is only called on when some problem occurs.
  3. Requires only minimal amount of planning – since corrective maintenance involves correcting a fault identified on a particular component or equipment currently marked, there is no need for any complex plans to be made beforehand.
  4. Sometimes it is the better solution – Corrective maintenance is the better solution in those cases when the shutdown and repair costs are less than the expense of preventive maintenance where investment is needed for prevention of breakdowns and problems.


Cons of Corrective Maintenance

  1. Unpredictable – Corrective maintenance is unpredictable in nature as each equipment is not monitored constantly after purchase and hence, flaws are very unpredictable.
  2. Higher long term costs – this approach is followed assuming that the shutdown and repair costs will be much less than the investment needed for preventive maintenance. But in a lot of troubles, this is not the case as when a big failure occurs, it can get very expensive to do corrective maintenance and will thus negatively affect customer satisfaction, security, productivity and efficiency of the business.
  3. Need for operations to be stopped – when an unexpected failure occurs, it can result in materials being unavailable. The more time it takes to repair it, the more the downtime of the equipment.
  4. A non-maximized lifetime of equipment – this approach does not protect or care for the equipment thus reducing their lifetime.



Corrective maintenance should be adopted as a part of a maintenance plan which also includes preventive maintenance. Both of these are essential for customer satisfaction.

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