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3 Ways to Earn Money from Online Gaming

Just over a year ago a soldier won £13 million while gaming online, which just goes to show there’s serious money to be won on the web. Whether it’s through becoming a professional video game player, or working out which websites offer the best potential winnings, working out where to play is important.

Here we take a look at ways to make money while gaming online!


eSports — DOTA 2 & League of Legends

DOTA 2 is a multiplayer, free to play battle-arena styled game, developed by the Vale Corporation and is available on MAC OS X and Windows. It has gained popularity over the last three years in terms of a spectator sport, and tournaments now regularly bring in over a million viewers worldwide.

The 2016 DOTA 2 premier event, the ‘International 2016’ had a total prize pool of $20,770,640 — making it the most profitable game in the world, in regards to prize money. With 16 teams and 80 players, landing a spot is notoriously tough, and only the greatest players make it to the finals. So, if you’re willing to work hard, practice every day and travel the world, you could end up pocketing millions.


Furthermore, League of Legends (LoL), which is another game of the battle-arena format, is popular among professional gamers. A freemium game, players have the ability to play for free, but added extras that make gaming easier do cost. The player takes control of an unseen ‘summoner’ that controls a ‘champion’, with varying abilities depending on the character type. Hugely popular, over 67 million people play LoL every year.


Casino & iGaming Online

Winning money online isn’t something new — everybody knows about this. You just need to know which casinos pay more than others. The figure you need to look out for is RTP, or the return to player rate. While casinos generally host the same games, they adapt the RTP rate to suit their business model.


Among a grand variety of gaming platforms, Betway is another casino that has big payouts, generally due to their improved RTP rates. For example, they offer some of the highest RTPs around, such as 99.65% for Atlantic City Blackjack, and 88.12% for Mega Moolah — which is incredibly fair for a progressive slot. What you should be looking out for then is the RTP of the games offered at the casino — and once you find the highest percentage, stick with them.


FIFA tournaments

If you’re not a fan of FPS shooters, or battle-arena games, then we highly recommend you take a look at the FIFA Interactive Club World Cup. Partnering with FIFA Ultimate Team, they are offering $200,000 to the winner, along with eternal glory of being crowned the king of FIFA. All you have to do is fight your way through three rounds; the online leagues, the regional tournament and the grand final to bag an awesome cash prize. If you’re interested, find out more information here.


If you have any other ideas then please do let us know in the comments section.

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