10 The best online scratchcards available

Did you know that the largest number of online gamblers play scratch cards more than the other lottery games? The reason behind that is that winning through scratchcards is easier, to get more info about this you can check this Betting Compare. The American Gambling Association (AGA) claims that online scratchcards generate over $85 billion annually. Some of them retail at high prices between $20 and $30 but the largest percentage will retail at a price between $1-5. Unfortunately, choosing the best online scratchcards can be a hard task. That means you should know what to look for during the selection if you do not want to make losses each time.

  1. King Kong Cash

Paddy Power’s King Kong Cash offers progressive jackpots. The payout of this monster online scratchcard can be as high as £1 million.  Paddy Power offers a large selection of scratchcards and King Kong Cash is possibly the best card game that you will get on their platform and other places. If you love this kind of games, you can visit Diamond Jackpots and claim your bonus now. People tend to love games of luck.

  1. Play-Off Palace

Actually, some of the biggest and best scratchcards offer great rewards for gamers. Play-Off Palace is among the properly produced scratch cards and it offers six different games for gamblers. The scratchcard game offers you a chance to win £30,000 jackpot, which might be one of the highest in the industry. It has remained one of the favourite choices for many gamblers in the United Kingdom.

  1. 25K Scratch

This scratch card game from Paddy power is incredibly playable. The 25K Scratch is realistic and to play the scratchcard game, you just need to deposit £2 to start playing the scratchcard game and the jackpot stands at 25K. In fact, a large number of the online casinos provide very small prizes for same or high stake levels. This kind of scratch game is also playable at Barbados Bingo where you can play a real money winning bingo!

  1. The Crystal Maze

The Crystal Maze is the other great scratchcard game to add to your list. It can also be found in new bingo uk sites, in case you wonder where you can actually play this. The traditional scratchcard offers great gameplay and a variety of jackpots. The theme scratchcard offers bettors a chance to win prizes above £30,000. Moreover, it offers six different zones for players to try.

  1. Price Is Right

The Price Is Right is a fully developed scratchcard game with many elements from a television show featured in this gameplay. The scratchcard offers tiered jackpots, meaning that the amount of money gamblers win increases as their stake increases. After playing for 10p, you should expect to win £1000. If you play for £2, the jackpot will rise to £25,000.  After jumping to £5, the possible win will increase to £150,000, which is currently the maximum jackpot the casino provides. Isn’t that intimidatingly good to give a try? If you’re ready to win huge jackpots, head to https://www.umbingo.com to test your luck.

  1. Ghostbusters

Ghostbusters Spectral Search scratchcards from Mecca Bingo are fabulous fun. It is the time to start a hunt for the spooky spectres and start winning big with the innovative instant win game. The scratchcard is fun. The designer chose great looking graphics and spot-on sound effects. However, the gameplay makes the scratchcard gameplay different from the others. Many gamblers associate Mecca with the Ghostbuster scratchcard.

  1. Deal or No Deal

Deal Or No Deal is designed for people who want to win monster jackpots. The scratch-off game from Paddy Power has been a choice for many gamblers, possibly because it requires you to place a very small bet. Each of the offered online cards gives many actions and you increase the cost to alter the value of your cash prize. Currently, the base price stands at £1, which is much lower than that of the National Lottery games.

  1. Instant Millionaire

It would feel good if you woke up one morning and realized that another person has deposited £1,500 into your bank account. That is what to expect with the Instant Millionaire scratchcards. To play each of the offered cards, you will need to play £2 and after matching three Everyday Payday symbols then it will be the greatest day for you. Even more, the online-scratch card offers gamblers a chance to win over 1.7 million prizes.

  1. Build Your Dream Home

Buying a property can be hard, particularly if your salary does not allow it. That is the key reason many online gamers are trying the Build Your Dream Home scratchcard game. To win a property, the casino requires you to match three symbols. Even though you might never nab the jackpot, you might win some of the low tier prizes that are available from the £4 scratchcards. Two of the prizes are worth £100,000 and five are worth £10,000. Fifty prizes are worth £1,000. That means the prizes are among the largest.

  1. 10 Lucky Years

Prized at £2 per card, the 10 Lucky Years jackpot prize is over £5,000 each month for 10 years. That means you will receive a healthy amount in your bank account each month for one decade. So, that is enough to tell you that the card is very popular among online gamblers. Players get a chance to win the low tier prizes, which are generous too. They include 2X £50,000 and £5,000.


Scratchcards have remained the simplest and most uncomplicated form of online gambling. The chances of winning are very high and enjoying rewarding gaming sessions while wagering small amounts of money is very easy. Ideally, you should play slot online for fun, in between the other games like table games and video poker. Keep an eye on your budget, read the gaming rules and avoid mixing online gambling with alcohol.

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