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Top 5 Tips to Increase Your Internet Speed

Slow Internet speed is the most terrible and awful condition for every Internet user. It affects the work of the users and causes wastage of time. There are many reasons behind the slow Internet speed.  Fortunately, you can increase the speed of your net connection with some efforts. Let us discuss about some useful tips that will help you in this regard.

Use antivirus software-

One of the most common reasons behind the slow Internet speed is virus, spywares and adware. These viruses affect the Internet settings and functions that in turn cause slow browsing speed. So, it is advisable that you install good quality anti-virus software to get rid from the virus and their bad effects. Scan your computer on a regular basis with an anti-virus to remove all the viruses and adware. Use adware removal program and spyware removal software frequently to remove all the unnecessary adware and spyware from your computer. It will definitely help you to maintain the speed of your Internet. 

Delete unnecessary files- 

Speed of Internet Explorer is directly affected by the collection of unnecessary files in your computer or laptop. Clean the “temp” folder of your PC on a regular basis. Apart from the temp files, cookies and browsing history also affect the speed of your Internet. So, clear all the cookies and web history at regular intervals so that you can enjoy fast and smooth Internet performance.

Internet security- 

If you are using Wi-Fi connectivity, then you need to make your connection safe. Some unauthorized users can also use your Wi-Fi which directly affects the speed of Internet connection. Disable the background intelligent transfer of your Wi-Fi that helps you to increase the speed of your system. You can also use the security setting of your Internet to make the connection safer. To enhance the speed and performance of the Internet you can also disable non-verified resources.

Use reserve broadband

If you are using a broadband connection then you can extend its limit by 20%. Usually 20% of the broadband is reserved for its own use but you can acquire this reserve broadband to get pleasure of fast and seamless Internet speed.  You can enlarge the limit of broadband with little efforts and network settings of your computer. It is necessary to change the settings carefully otherwise it can cause problems in your computer.

Disable needless add-ons-

Most of explorers take unnecessary time to start. This is because of the presence of unnecessary and useless files and programs. More so, these add-ons can be anything and can interrupt the booting of the explorer. To minimize the start up time of your Internet browser, you can disable the unnecessary files. One must be very careful to disable these add-ons so that the performance and stability of Internet can be maintained for long periods.

Using these tips, you can surely increase the speed of your Internet and enjoy smooth browsing experience. The tips are not just easy and simple to follow but are effective as well.


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