Things to Remember before Choosing a Domain Name

Domain NameOne of the most difficult task before staring a website or start-up is to choose a right domain name which suits your requirements and also suitable for Search Engines or for the world. There was a time when domains of your choice were easy to get but now, it’s not as easy as it seems to get a top-level domain name of your choice. Here are few thing which you should remember before choosing a good Domain name for your website or Start-up:

1.  Use a dictionary and find the synonyms of the terms related to your website category. From those synonyms you can easily get appealing terms. Before using synonyms, you can modify the words too look trendy and cool. For example, you can add suffixes like -ie, -ed etc . 

2. Don’t go for terms with long spelling. Remember, the shorter your domain , more it is easier for the visitors to remember. Also, the long domains look spammy to many people. You can easy verify this, just compare these two domains. and 

3. Choose something unique so that it is brandable. Don’t go for common names like website, or etc. Firstly, these names may not be available and it will sound like 100 other websites which already exist on Internet.

4. It is good to check whether the name you are using for your website’s or  brand’s domain is not used. For this, check the name for all the TLDs (i.e .com, .net, .org etc), If it exists, see whether it has the same objective because if you’ll go with the same name but different TLD, people might be confused between the websites.

5. Domain Suggestion Tools are never good. The Domain Suggestion tools which are available on internet just works on the terms you provide. They never give logical or decent results. You’re own creativity is best for selecting a domain name. However, you can still use AJAX tools like Domize which will help you to search your domain name easily for all TLDs.

6. Most important thing to be considered is, avoid using Copyrighted domain names. If you’ll use copyrighted terms in your domain name, the copyright owner will sue you, learn more at this copywriting class online. For example, if you are creating a wordpress support site and you are choosing domains like “wordpressplanet” or “wordpresshelp”, WordPress may sue you for using their registered name “WordPress” in your domain name. Instead of this, you can go with names like “wpsupport”, “wphelpdesk” etc. This will help you to avoid problems in future. 

7. Avoid using hyphens or numbers in your domain name. If you’ll do so, you domain name will look like a spam website.

8. Another great options is to buy pbn domains. They work great with a high ranking in Google.

These tips will help you in choosing a right domain name for your business, website or any start-up. If you have more suggestions, please feel free to post in the comments section.

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