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How to Install Android M on Nexus Devices

The subsequent release of Android, code-named Android M, brings a significant brand-new functions and enhancements. For those who have any Nexus phone or tablet and can’t hang on till the third quarter to get hold of Android M, you can look at this article now for reference. It still has a lot of bugs and doesn’t always have each of the functions running, nevertheless considering that no one is stopping you from installing and trying it out

android m

Setting up this Android M preview takes a small command-line steps. And as may be the circumstance along with any pre-release software, you may experience unanticipated difficulties, while setting up Android M on a nexus device. So, it is better to take the backup of all your data and be aware of risks involved.

  • Important Downloads –

Android Studio developer tools

If you haven’t installed Java on your system, you can download it from here and install.

Download Android M Developer preview build – Make sure you’re downloading file relevant to your device.

  • Preparing your nexus to install Android M

Since we will be dealing with the various commands, we will need developer mode to be turned on. The process of turning it on varies a lot depending on the android version you’re using. On Android Lollipop, you will first need to go into settings > about and tap on builder number seven times. This will enable the developer options in settings. After that you can go into developer options and turn developer mode on and subsequently enable USB debugging.

Now, look out for folders containing adb and fastboot tools which are available in android developer tools.

On windows the most certain path to look out for these tools is –


Move those images that you’ve extracted in this folder (a folder in which adb and fastboot is present).

Making sure that your phone is detected

  • Connect your phone to the computer using USB cable.
  • Open a command prompt window and navigate to the folder in which adb and fastboot tools are available. You can use the cd command to navigate. For example, cd <folder-name> will navigate you to that respective folder. In fact, writing the full path with cd such as
    cd C:\adt-bundle-windows-x86_64-20131030\adt-bundle-windows-x86_64-20131030\sdk\platform-tools will also navigate to the folder directly.
  • Once you’re in this folder, type in command – adb devices
  • This will display the random device id along with the word – device.
  • This means that your phone is connected with your computer and you’re good to go ahead.


Unlocking bootloader

  • Type this command – adb reboot bootloader
  • It will reboot your phone in fastboot mode.
  • Subsequently type the next command as – fastboot oem unlock
  • This command will unlock the bootloader. You might get a prompt to confirm your choice.

Installing Android M Developer Preview on Nexus

  • You can simply write the command – flash-all.bat
  • This will flash all the files one by one. The overall flashing process is bit time consuming and you’ll need a lot of patience.
  • One gentler reminder is that your phone will restart frequently during this process and there is no need to panic for that.

Well, the process might seem little tricky but if you follow it carefully, you’ll never end up in the mess. As of now, you would have your phone with Android M installed. If this post has helped you and served you as a guide, do me a favor by sharing it across your friends and family.



Author Bio – Pavan has immense passion towards writing how to articles especially on android rooting and smartphone flip covers and cases. You can follow his blog at DigitBrunch.

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