How to Improve Moto G3 Battery Life without any App

Moto G3 is considered as one of the most popular Smartphone in the market. The battery life of the Moto G3 has amazed everyone as it can easily swing for around two days on a single charge with normal use. If you’re looking for the best battery at cheapest price, BT-446 battery is your best choice. One can always make good things even better, so below is our small tutorial on how to improve Moto G3 Battery life without using any external app

Let us have a 5 quick and best methods of improving battery life of Moto G (3rd-Gen)

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  • Avoid over syncing

Question for app syncing schedule. Why allow Gmail sync after every fifteen minutes when you can just refresh the app every time you open it? You can change the sync settings in almost all the individual app setting whereas Google services can be managed by, Settings > Accounts. Open your google account followed by unchecking the services that you don’t use or cancel sync for all the google accounts in the menu.

improve motog3 battery backup

You can either cancel sync for all the google accounts (top left) or else cancel for google services individually (top right).

  • Lower screen Brightness

The screen is considered as the biggest devil sucking your battery life. No phone comes with a brain, so lowering the brightness of your screen to as low as it is comfortable for you is the best and easiest way to save battery life.

moto g3 screen brightness

Auto brightness should also be avoided to an extent as it will also suck your phone’s battery life as it continuously bumps the screen’s levels up and down as per your environment, even if it’s not required.

  • Shortening Screen timeout

Most of the handsets come with a setting of default two minutes screen timeout which is much than most people need, therefore resulting in the consumption of more battery power. So it is always a brilliant move of setting your screen timeout to as short as possible.

moto g3 screen timeout

If you put down your phone and the screen turns off after 15 seconds rather than two minutes, then just imagine of the battery you will save.

  • Disable Google Now voice command

Yes, even Google now voice command is in the same category of sucking down your phone’s battery life. We all are aware of the service and advantage of google now at times, but if you don’t use voice command, google now’s card suggestion then you can simply turn it off by going in your Google setting app (a gray tile with title “g”). Turn off OK Google hotword detection and google now cards.

moto g 3rd gen voice commands

  • Moto G3 Battery saver mode

System level battery saver mode was introduced with the up gradation in Android 5.0 lollipop. This amazing feature can be set to automatically turn on when battery life is about 5 or 15 percent. This will limit the functionality and the performance of your phone until you plug in your charger.

Go to settings > battery and click on the menu at top right corner to enable battery saver and access it.

moto g3 2rd gen battery saver

Final verdict

All these tips or methods may seem to be minor but even a small battery tip adds up lot more battery life. How else you preserve your battery life? Do share with us.

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