How to Enable/Disable Facebook Timeline

Facebook-TimelineFacebook has enabled Timeline view for the developers as it is currently in testing mode. Facebook Timeline enables users to view their profile sorted by days, months and years. You can view everything you did in the past on Facebook including your first facebook status update or the day you added your memorable friend on your friend list.

However, the facebook timeline is still under testing as you may see the improper alignments of the table boxes and experience other bugs.

To enable Facebook Timeline, all you have to do is follow the steps below:

1. You need to be a registered user of Facebook Developers area, to do this, simple go Developers Area and sign up for it. One you have enabled Developer mode, go to the Apps Creation area.

2. Now once you are in App Creation wizard, click on “Create New App” button. A pop-up box will open. Give a decent name to the App along with the namespace.  Click on the “I agree” checkbox and click on “Continue” button. 

3. Fill the Captcha verification. After this, you will see a new page which will ask you to fill the basic info and integration properties. Fill the details with random and then click on “Save Changed” button at the bottom. Please note that, “App Domain” field is not mandatory to fill so please leave it if you are not aware of Domain Pointing and Integration of  Domain in Facebook App through API. 

4. Now on the left side, you will see “Open Graph” under the vertical navigation menubar. Click on it and it will take you open graph details page. Fill it with any random like “People can FEEL a GADGET”, as shown in the picture below. Now, click on “Get Started” button.

5 . Now you will see a page with headline “What are Action Types?”. You can change a bit defaults in this page or leave it as it is and click on “Save Changes and Next” button at the bottom. Do the same thing for “Edit your Object Type” and “What are Timeline Aggregations?” page. Click on “Save and Finish” and you’re done with this.
6. Now, go to Facebook Homepage. Now you will see a notice bar with text “Introducing Timeline – a New Kind of Profile”. Click on “Get It Now” button. 

Facebook Timeline

7. You’re all done. Now to to your profile. You can see the new timeline view. Click on the “Publish Now” button on the right or else it will automatically Publish after 7 days of activation.

To Disable to Timeline view and to revert back to your original Facebook layout, you can follow these simple steps.

1.  Go to Developers App Creation Page. 

2. Click on “Edit App” button on the right-top.

3. On the left side in the vertical menu bar, you will see a link “Delete App” under “Related Links”. Click on it, a pop-up box will appear. Click on “Confirm” button.

4. You have successfully reverted to old Facebook layout.


Please let us know if you are facing any problems in activating/deactivating Facebook timeline.

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