Effective ways to monitor your employee’s loyalty

monitor employeeIf your business is doing well, chances are your rivals would be jealous of your success. They would want the business success for themselves and try to end your monopoly in the field. There are different tactics they could apply, one of the most popular being getting information about the working of your company through your employees. Your employees are the ones who know what is happening in your company. They know about the new deals that are going to come through, the fresh strategies that are going to be applied, how the company functions and everything else related to the company’s success, so if you need a new way to monitor your employee’s work, consider using something like a candidate management system.

If the employees share information about the company with your competitors you stand a chance of losing your profits. How do you manage such a situation? Are there ways in which you could monitor your employee’s movements? Technology can come to your rescue as there are various software and gadgets that can help in monitoring your employees.

Mobile Spy – This software can be used in mobile phones to keep tabs on your employee’s actions. It is illegal to load the software in a phone that does not belong to you. If you want to spy on your employees, you will need to give them phones with the software installed in it. The software can be easily installed in any mobile phone and does not leave an imprint on the device keeping the spying absolute secret.

The software tracks all the actions on the mobile phone it is installed in. It records incoming and outgoing calls as well as SMS messages received and sent using the phone; details of which are transferred to an online data base which can be operated by you alone. The data can be retrieved any time and will stay there unless it is manually deleted by you. The mobile spy will record photographs that are taken using the phone or ones that are shared. It maintains records of emails sent and received and online sites that are visited. Sophisticated mobile software act as GPS trackers and will record all places it has been to, along with the date and time.

It is a simple way to track your employee’s movements as you will be able to go through each correspondence and conversation that occurs between your employee and others. You could find out if your employee is selling your company out.

Computer Monitoring – This is another way to keep a check on your employees. The software is installed in computers at all work stations. It works on the same principle as the mobile spy. The computer spy will create a record for you of all the actions that happen in the computer it is installed on. With the help of this software, you can see the emails that have been sent and received using the computer. You will also be able to access the passwords used for logging and opening accounts. The software records all the sites that are visited as well as maintains records of conversations using Skype.

Surveillance Cameras – These are used to monitor what goes on when you are not physically present in the office. You can watch what your employees are doing and what happens in the premises using these cameras. They have the ability to make recordings of the scene.

These are some technology driven items that can be used to successfully keep track of your employees in a bid to check their loyalty towards the company and you.

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