Decline of Windows XP Globally

Windows XP

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Windows XP is the most successful operating system from Microsoft since its initial launch to the launch of Windows 7. Windows XP was released in August 2001 and since then it has ruled for almost 10 years.  Windows XP was able to beat Microsoft’s Windows Vista easily but at this moment of time, the popularity of Windows XP is declining with the increase in the popularity of Windows 7. This may be due to the fact that most of the newly launched applications/softwares are compatible with Windows Vista or Windows 7 which has forced the users of Windows XP to upgrade their operating system. Microsoft ended the mainstream support for Windows XP in April 2009 and will be ending the extended support in April 2014.

In a recent statistics of operating system, we can see that Windows XP is going towards its end and Windows 7 is rising up.

Operating System Stats
For people having system with low specification, Windows XP is the best choice but Windows 7 will be soon succeeded by Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 8 and then you have to upgrade the specification or might have to buy a new computer. Till then, enjoy the ‘Bliss’ and blue-green interface of Windows XP.

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