How to backup Complete Website without doing anything

Backup Data

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Many times websites hosted on Free webhosts are suddenly terminated by the host without any warning or notification according to SiteGround Host Reviews. This results in loss of complete website data and you cannot even recover the data. Also, the current backup method is by creating the backup through Cron jobs and saving it on the website’s server which is also lost when your free web hosting account is terminated.

Here is a new simple but effective way to create business inventory solutions on your website without losing anything. This new service is named DropMySite. DropMySite uses your server information like FTP Details, Host Server IP etc. and automatically creates the backup of your website with the details you provide. The best part of this service is, the complete backup is stored in the Cloud at DropMySite so even if your free web hosting account is terminated, you can simply login to DropMySite and download your recent backup from the Cloud storage. This vps hosting service will also be helpful if your website is hacked or you have mishandled the database. You can backup your Website files, MySql Database and even your Emails. You may also contact a professional web hosting and technology solutions specialist for managed backup solutions.


Currently, DropMySite provides 2GB of cloud storage but you can upgrade your account with extra money or by referrals (upto 4GB).  2GB is enough for small and medium websites since you can also delete your previous data backups to clear up some space. Simple sign-up for a free account at DropMySite, add your website in FTP/MySql/Email backups, make backup schedules sit back and relax. You can also try disaster recovery if you delete your data. Now you don’t have to be afraid of losing data when your website is hosted on free web hosting.

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