Is Aakash “World’s Cheapest” Tablet worth buying?

Akash UbislateThe world’s “cheapest” tablet based on Android operating system and manufactured by DataWind systems is now available at a cost of Rs 2500. The tablet is divided into two versions ; one is Students’ version (Aakash/UbiSlate 7) which will cost around Rs 2,500 (approx. $47 USD) and the other one is UBIslate7+ Tablet, with a more powerful processor and features, which is set to be released later will cost around Rs 3,000 (approx. $56 USD). You can order the Students version from their official  website. However, the student’s version is “sold-out” but you can pre-order the UBISlate7+.

With a tag “world’s cheapest tablet”, Aakash has already attracted a lot of users who are not able to buy costly tablets. But do you really think it’s worth buying? We will now put up here some points for this tablet which will help you to decide.

Let us take a look at the features listed by the company on their official website:

Specifications Aakash (UbiSlate7) UbiSlate 7+ (The upgraded version of Aakash) 
Availability NOW! Late January, 2012
Pricing Rs.2,500 Rs.2,999
Microprocessor Arm11 – 366Mhz Cortex A8 – 700 MHz
Battery 2100 mAh 3200 mAh
OS Android 2.2 Android 2.3
Network Wi-Fi Wi-Fi & GPRS (SIM & Phone functionality)

By looking at the specifications of both the version, we can really say this is really a revolution in Indian IT industry cause it’s more than a mobile and offering you the feel of a Tablet just for few bucks.

However, if you want to make a choice between the versions of UbiSlate, we would recommend to buy the upgraded version of Aakash i.e., UbiSlate 7+. It’s just for Rs 500 extra but you’ll get the SIM functionality, a better processor, a better battery and obviously Android 2.3.

You don’t even get an Android phone at this price but UbiSlate is providing you something better than cheap Android mobile phones.  It’s okay for the quality of body or design since you don’

Within 2 days, Aakash was declared “Sold Out” on their official website. However, the company stated that they will soon complete the orders received in December till the end of January 2012 with the launch of UbiSlate 7+.

We have already placed our order for UbiSlate7+. One the product is delivered to us, we’ll write a detailed review for this product.

You can order UbiSlate7+ (the upgraded version of Aakash) now through their official website. Stay with us for more updates on this product,


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