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7 On-Page SEO Techniques That Work in 2018

Search engine optimization (SEO) includes the use of processes aimed at giving your website a high rank in the results page for specific keywords or phrases. If you like learning via audio-visual method, do check out search engine optimization for dummies on Youtube. SEO aims to create a high flow of free traffic to your site, which consequently may translate to increased business. SEO for remodelers, carpenters and other small business use this in a way which will showcase their website on the very top of the search page based on the geographical location. When it comes to small business SEO process is mostly geographic centric. On-page SEO is done on the website itself, while off-site SEO is what you do outside the site, and mostly requires other people’s efforts. For you to transform your business into a pro digital one, you should employ the services of professional SEO experts who will help you reap more from such an investment.

Below are some current SEO techniques that you could implement :

SEO-friendly URLs

Several studies have shown that Google loves concise URLs. It is these  URLs that generally rank higher in search engines results pages. Do everything you can to ensure your URLs are small and dynamic. Also, include your targeted keyword in the URL. Get updates and new approaches from Local Viking.

Make use of multimedia content

Plain text is pretty boring. It’s now  2018, and when so much media is available, even for free from online sources, you can use images and video content in your texts to make them more interesting and eye-catching. Pictures and videos hold the reader’s attention to the site for longer, so while they may not help your site to rank highly directly, they may help indirectly. The more the time spent by a user on their website, the more the chances of their site ranking higher in results pages.

Include the focused keyword in the first 100 words

This is a crucial point in on-page SEO. It is advisable that you have your keyword in the first paragraph of your article, preferably among the first 100 – 150 words. This enables Google to get an idea of the content’s topic as soon as it starts to be read.

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Outbound Linking

You need to endeavour to have, in almost all your articles, an outbound link to a higher authority website that is of close relation to your niche. Doing so allows Google to comprehend the topic of your text and hint that your content is rich in information about the topic.

Optimize your images

Nobody likes sites that take age s to load. One of the main culprits is slow-loading images, which take approximately 63% of the site load time. Starting from July 2018, Google will start to consider load time as a  significant factor in ranking. To remain among the most visible websites,  optimize your website images with plugins such as WP Smush or Shortpixels. You could also use  online image compressors like tinypng.com, if not using wordpress.org

Mobile friendly

Mobile-First Index is one of the critical areas Google is emphasising, which means you must ensure your website is optimized for mobile devices. Most of Google’s traffic is from mobile device users, hence the priority on the Mobile-First Index. While using WordPress CMS, use the mobile-friendly themes such as Happy Themes and StudioPress.

Have your blog post’s titles in H1

Ensure you wrap your article’s titles in the H1 tag. With WordPress that is already done,  as it keeps titles in  H1 by default. However,  if you are using, other website creation sites,  keep this in mind.

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