How to Use Twitter to Drive Traffic to your Blog

You must have read everywhere that for a blogger, social media is one of the most important and strongest platform to gain popularity and visitors. Hence, the first step we generally do is creating all the related social profiles for our blog. For most of the bloggers, Facebook remains at the top (including me). But have you ever wondered that you can drive visitors from Twitter?

Newbie bloggers generally don’t care much about twitter as it takes a lot of time to get followers and without followers, your twitter account is of no use. To be honest, that’s not the case actually. Twitter can also be as effective as Facebook in bringing visitors to your blog if you will use it in the right way.

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Here are few important things to remember which will help you to drive traffic from twitter to your blog:

    • UPLOAD PROFILE & COVER PICTURENo body likes a new empty profile. It looks awful to the visitors. Profile picture and cover picture is very important as it gives the first impression of your Twitter profile and also your Blog/Business. Using the top CRM software is quite essential when it comes to business, so make sure to check to find the best one for your business. Get familiar with Salesforce’s  basic terminology. If you have an attractive graphics (cover and profile picture) on your twitter account, it will look very professional and will attract visitors to follow your twitter account. If you need to edit your photo, you can hire a Clipping path company.
    • PUT YOUR WEBSITE DETAILS Never forget to mention the description and website URL in the twitter profile of your blog. Most of the users will just click on the direct link (which is present on the left side) instead of the links from your twitter posts.
    • USE #HASHTAGSThis is the most important thing for any twitter user. Most of the bloggers just share links with some text. Remember, if you don’t use #hastags in your posts, your twitter posts will only be visible to your followers and through search box. Try to use trending hashtags as it will index your twitter posts among the other trending posts of the same topic and will give you more visibility , hence more visitors to your profile, more retweets and finally more followers.

  • NO SPAMAvoid Spamming at any cost. Make sure you post good quality tweets instead of spamming your twitter timeline with links.  You can tweet some funny images related to your blog niche or you can also post some decent quotes so that your followers won’t consider you as a spammer.
  • USE TWITTER TIMELINE WIDGETTwitter gives you variety of options to promote your twitter profile on your blog. It’s necessary that you provide a link from your blog to the related twitter profile. This will give more search engine visibility to your twitter profile. Apart from this, you can use Twitter Timeline Widget and embed in your blog’s sidebar. Simply go to your blog widgets section, create a new HTML/Text box and paste the code generated from the Twitter Widget Generator.

These are pretty simple yet effective tips to get more followers on your twitter account which will eventually help you to gain more visitors to your blog. If you’ve got more suggestions, kindly post int he comment section.

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