How to Invite All Friends on Facebook Page in One Click

Before starting any StartUp, Website or Blog, most of the people first search for the availability of their Brand Name on Facebook, Just like TechTeria has ( Facebook Fanpage has become a most important part of any Startup or business. However, it may not be an easy job to promote your facebook page. Yes, you definitely have an option to use Facebook Advertising but what if you’re out of funds and don’t want to spend any money on Promotion? Well, the only option left with you is either by Sharing the Facebook Page on your wall or using the “Invite” feature to Invite all your friends on that Facebook page.

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Still, the things may not be easy as Facebook only allows you to Invite your friends by selecting them one by one which can take  lot of time if you’ve got a long Friendlist. Well we have a small hack for you. With this hack, you can Invite all your friends on your page in just one click. To use this trick, follow the procedure below:

      • Open your Facebook Page.
      • Click on the three dots “…” on the right bottom of the cover picture and then click on “Invite Friends”.

        invite all friends to facebook page



      • Now a Dialogue Box will open with a list of all your friends. Make sure you scroll that list till the end so that all your friends are fetched in that Invite Box.
      • Here comes the main part, once this “Invite Friend” dialogue box is opened on the screen, you have to open the Browser Javascript Console Menu. Procedure to  open the Javascript Console Menu for different browsers is given below:

        For Google Chrome Users:  Press Ctrl+Shift+J
        For Mozilla Firefox  Users:  Press Ctrl+Shift+K (Windows) , Cmd+Optn+K (Mac)
        For Internet Explorer Users: Press F12 and  then select “Console” tab.

        Now once the Javascript Console is opened, copy the code given below, paste it in the Console box just after the “>” (In Google Chrome) or “>>” (In Internet Explorer/Mozilla Firefox):

javascript:var inputs = document.getElementsByClassName('uiButton _1sm');
 for(var i=0; i<inputs.length;i++) {




  • Now press Enter and you’re done! You will see that Invites has been sent to all the friends.

Let us know if you’re facing any problems or this code isn’t working. Share or Like this article if you’ve liked this trick.

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