5 Best Online Grammar and Punctuation Checker Tools

English is a language which is being used all over the world since decades. However, not everyone is good at it.   Yet, people like talking in English. Especially when it comes to writing, most of the people prefer writing English instead of any other language. Isn’t it’?

But the only fear which all of them have is what if they make mistake while writing? Um?

Well, if you are also among them, then you have landed on a right place. Today, we are going to share 5 best online grammar and punctuation checker tools.


Talking about best online grammar and punctuation checker tool without listing Grammarly in the list makes no sense. Trusted by 10 million people, Grammarly is one of the best tools for correcting grammatical mistakes.

One of its plus point which makes it totally worth is that it is all free. Yes, Grammarly is free which means that you do not need to pay anything for using it.

For using it free, all you need to do is to sign up for free and upload your articles there. It will fix all your errors like grammar, spelling mistakes and punctuations. You can also download its extension in your browser for free of cost.

However, there is a premium version available for which you need to pay and upgrade.

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GingerSoftware Grammar Checker

If you want to check errors like misused word correction, contextual spelling or like this, refer Ginger software grammar checker tool. It will help you in boosting your writing productivity. You can use it online an in software as well.

Be it a singular/plural nouns, subject-verb agreement, contextual spelling error of any other kind of mistake, it corrects it all. Not just that but it also offers you some suggestion for alternative sentence structures.

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After the Deadline

Invented by Automatic, it is one of the best and power packed spelling and grammar checker tool. They are the same people who built WordPress which is being used by most of the bloggers nowadays. Not only is it popular with bloggers, but also businessmen, as this tool is equipped with a translate. Hence, its become a favourite of businessmen looking to translate financial documents and the ilk.

In order to use it, all you need to do is to add the required details in the box and simply click on check writing button. They will show you your mistakes and their respective corrections.

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Paper Rater

If you are a freelance writer, blogger or working on any academic assignment as a student, paper rater is made for you. It is an online spelling and plagiarism checker tool which you can use for absolute 0 cost. Yes, it is free.

Also, you do not need to download it. You can simply use it online It also helps in checking plagiarism. You can check if your content is copied from the web. It will compare your content with 10 billion documents of web and will tell you accurate results.

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WhiteSmoke is also a great tool to detect online grammatical and punctuation mistakes. It detects hundreds of undetected errors. It works on every platform. Be it MS Word, Outlook or any other text format, it will work everywhere.  It will underline all the spelling error in green color and grammatical errors in blue color.

It also has a translates and can translate into 46 languages. Also, it has a great plagiarism checker as well which will help you in checking your content if it is copied.

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Final words

Here, we have discussed 5 top online grammar and punctuation checker tools which will enhance your writing and will help you in error-free writing.

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If you have any suggestions or have more punctuation checker tools then kindly mention in the list below.

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