3 Tips For The Engaging Visual Marketing Strategy

By now we all know, that the best way to captivate customers is with engaging visuals. It is the most powerful tool in content marketing so you should hire the best creative agency and Func Media in Toronto is one of the top creative agencies in all of Canada.  Now 93% of senior marketers have stated that images are no less than crucial to their marketing strategies. On top of that, we know that visuals increase customers willingness to read information by 80% and in just a few years, reportedly by 2021, 80% of all Internet traffic will be video content. With statistics like that, integrating visuals into your strategy should be a no-brainer. But you’d also have to work to retain statistics, and if you were to read from here https://www.salesforce.com/crm/examples/ how that can be achieved, then you can well be on your way to engaging more customers. Outlined below are three vital tips for how to create compelling, creative visuals to attract and retain customers.  


Tip 1: Use Visual Marketing to Master Audience Engagement on Social Media

Well thought-out social media strategy is vital for everyone, the well-established brands and those just starting out. Nowadays, for the most part, we are seeing mostly visual contact on social media platforms that is why it is vital to make your visual content a priority and understand how visuals should look, what feel should they have, when you should be posting the content, how often and on what platforms. Tips on Building and Nurturing an Email Marketing Database of Quality Customers. Overall your visual SM strategy shouldn’t be flooding your pages with random videos, images, gifs or infographics.

Your visual SM strategy should be based on the following goals according Kurt Uhlir, Chief Marketing Officer at Showcase IDX:

         Increased brand awareness

         Enhanced SEO rankings with the assistance of professional SEOs in Edinburgh

         Boost of brand loyalty and brand awareness

         Increased traffic

         Better customer engagement

         Overall customer satisfaction

With a proper, goal-based strategy you will be able to control content and promote a positive image of the brand, learn more by checking this personal injury attorney Google Adwords management campaings. So, while laying out the base for engaging visual strategy here are a few things to keep in mind:

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Know your SM platforms. If your company reached great success on Instagram, then it doesn’t mean that your strategy will be applicable on any other platform. Approach representation of your brand on every new platform with care and caution, learn the algorithm, and know your post requirements and dimensions, recommended sizes, overall design preferences and the preferred device for the platform. Have a clear understanding how to position your brand within the new community. We recommend you to contact these guys to have your own way to stream your content. In addition, you can also place ads on Spotify, and this has been shown to be effective as millions of users access Spotify on their mobiles, tablets, or computers everyday.

Always use top-quality visual content. Bad visual content can not only damage brands reputation, but even turn away the customers. The overall design and quality of the videos and images, the dimensions, overall aesthetic as it pretends to a certain platform are crucial. Use only professional quality visual content, pay attention to audio, don’t clutter the images, avoid screaming acid colors, messy, hard-to-read fonts, etc. Anything that makes you look amateur and incompetent should be nixed. 

Test your visual content. Visual marketing strategy testing promotes a better understanding of how to improve your efforts. Try different visuals, schedule same posts for different times, use different titles – test your content to get a clear idea of what works for your audience. Take advantage of a community digital story telling app to know what your community thinks about your content.

You can even use mapping software to generate visuals in the form of maps. You can also use this with clients and meetings. Take advantage of your conference room and plug in your visual content to share it with the team (visit sites like https://www.signalsolutions.com/bay-area-data-cabling to help you in setting it up.

Tip 2: Use Digital Signage for Outstanding Audience Engagement 

One thing is certain: a digital marketing agency is undoubtedly a path forward for every brand. The DS visual-first strategy can quickly turn your audience into a much much larger one. There is no better way to target on-the-go audience in 2019 than with digital marketing agency since screens have been a focal point of infrastructure for a while. Every single business, down to your local grocery store is becoming increasingly high-tech, this is why digital signage should be in every brand’s budget. Location specific services increase your online visibilityNow, there are many ways of engaging customers with DS, though our top four are:

The Micro-Moments.  It has been reported, then on average on-the-spot decision-making moments happen 150 times a day. According to this digital marketing agency these moments are the essence of engaging marketing strategy – you have only a few seconds to visually entice your audience and grab their attention.

The DS Software. Selecting the best digital signage provider is essential. The best on the market offer endless creative possibilities, beautifully designed templates, user-friendly intuitive apps, the ability to alter, create, and change content within minutes. Great DS Software offers exquisite analytical functions to guide you through a better understanding of customer engagement. We use Kit Cast digital signage, as, apart from the above mentioned, we also have the luxury of the safety by using Apple TV. 

The UGC. It has been widely reported, that user-generated content is perceived as more trustworthy and is overall preferred. Apart from being cost-effective, visually appealing to your audience and creative, this is a way for brands to tap into audience outside of their customer base.  By simply paring your DOOH with UGC in one campaign you will see an astonishing 212% increase in reach.

The POP advertising. More than 70% of buying decisions are made at the point-of-purchase, plus, 30% of shoppers feel that DS can influence the decision-making process. Beautiful, intelligent POP advertising spots will better customer engagement, increase the time of audience interaction and raise brand awareness.

Tip 3: Use Interactive Experiences for Outstanding Visual Audience Engagement 

Today’s interactive experiences are highly engaging. You can combine animation, video, and text to produce fun and tech-advanced content, both highly appreciated by people. Creative interactive DS will help you effectively engage and connect with your customers, raise brand awareness and will help you gather relevant data for future ad personalization. Customers appreciate interaction solutions, identifying them as entertaining, fast and overall effective way of obtaining information, while fully controlling the amount of information they are getting.

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