Why prefer Google Inbox over Gmail App

It took 8 months for the Inbox app by Gmail to shed off its invitation-only status and roll out as a full scale 2 Way Messaging App available to all. The good thing is, finally everyone can get a hand on this app and utilize the interesting features it offers to get a better, quicker and more organized email service right on their smartphones . Google as it stands today, one of the top most free online email service provider, never ceased to experiment for betterment of the best; and the latest Google’s Inbox is the fruit of this attitude.

Google Inbox

The latest Inbox

 When the invitation only app was first released in October, 2014 for iOS, and Android along with for the desktop browsers Chrome, Firefox and Safari many ardent Gmail users cried out about missing some useful Gmail features; however, the complete roll out of the app with a bunch of other features has certainly met all the expectations and demands. One can simply use his/her existing Gmail login user ID and password on this app to get into a more organized Inbox right on their mobiles. This article will highlight on the benefits of using this latest Inbox app.

  • A cleaner design that is easier and quicker to handle
    The latest Material Design theme of Google has come into full implementation in Inbox. It has a clean design with bigger buttons accompanied with bold colors. While using Inbox users can actually expect to have the most accomplishing experience, while taking the least trouble.
  • Snooze your messages with ease
    The snooze feature of the Inbox is something that can actually impress users by enabling them to snooze messages through a single swipe. Being a built-in tool this feature is simpler to use and is extremely powerful to facilitate organization of your emails.
  • Don’t forget again with Reminders integration
    The latest Inbox supports integration of the notes on various devices running different Google applications and displays your notes as items in the inbox making it much easier for you to keep a track of the reminders from all of your devices.
  • Get vital information from emails with ease through the Highlights feature
    The Inbox app efficiently pulls out the relevant information from an email and displays it within the primary list of messages, enabling you to get the info at a glance and access it even without opening the message.
  • Get an organized Inbox with Bundles
    This is one of the most striking features of the app which organizes the Inbox efficiently by grouping incoming mails automatically into relevant clusters, like, Travel, social or purchase. A more organized inbox simply enables you to have quicker and better access to your mails.
  • Undo send messages
    For the first time in the history of mobile based email apps, Inbox lets the user Undo Send messages as per their needs. This is really a cool feature and can be a great help for people who need to continue official communication while on the go.

So, if you are using Google Inbox, which is freely available on both iOS and Google app stores, you can enjoy all the above benefits along with many more simply by using your present Gmail login details.

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