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Now vote with your own Smartphone

Samrtphone VotingSmartphones have a whole load of features from internet to emails to instant messaging. Yet there is one thing that smart phones are still not able to accomplish, that is being able to vote. Things would have been a lot easier if we could just vote with our smart phone in our hand rather than going out in the open to the election voting place and wasting our valuable time. More often than not, the day itself becomes wasted. As work sometimes goes late into the night, one may also return late from work and thus would lose out on the chance to vote on the Election Day. All these problems could be solved if only there was a way to vote through our smartphones.

Voting, as all knows is not a very complex process, and thus building one app would definitely not be that difficult through which we could vote through our smart phones. Many a time’s people do not vote as they find it inconvenient to them in some way or other. Having a smart phone which could vote would thus ensure better polling and a better democracy.

Though the new concept of voting through smartphones might turn a few heads around as it is an entirely new idea and there would also be many questions asked and concerns rose. Yet, through a standard method things could be made a lot easier. In fact things seem to be taking a turn in the right direction. Oregon is testing the iPad for the mobile voting system. Thus, if Oregon has its way, one could soon have an iPad which could use 3G to cast a vote.

As phones can be identified uniquely to different individuals, authentication would not be a problem and one could even use the Social Security Numbers to have a foolproof system. Phones, as everybody knows are already used to vote for many contests like for the American idol. Though these shows do allow people to vote more than once, there is no reason why a measure could not be taken to make people vote only once.

Making the vote can be done pretty easily. Here is a possible system that could be brought into place. An app could inform voters that the voting is then open. Then the voters could launch the app and make their selections. Voters could have to register and each smartphone number might be attached to a location so as to not have same people voting twice. Then there could also be a smartphone voting system through the email verification system.

Though other forms of voting might continue to exist, but the whole point of view here is that the new smartphone voting process would help people quite a lot and people would find it a lot easier to vote. The voter participation would surely increase a lot if voting through mobile phones is allowed and goes a long way into getting the country more democratic.

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