Transfer your balance from Mobikwik to Bank Account

Most of the Mobikwik users were waiting for this facility to transfer the money back to your bank account from your Mobikwik balance. Finally, the feature has been added in the Mobikwik. For this you may need the latest Mobikwik App or a platform like Transferwise, Transferwise review. To transfer the amount back, follow these steps:

  •  Open your Mobikwik App on your phone.
  •  From the left menu, go to “Transfer Money”.
  •  Now select “Wallet to Bank”.
  •  Fill out your Bank details and click “Send Money” button.

mobikwik 1

Please note that the minimum amount of money which can be transferred from your wallet to your bank account is Rs 500. Also, Mobikwik will deduct 4% of the total amount as a processing fees. This is a pretty useful feature for those who are not fond of using Mobikwik application too much or would like to switch to some other application like PayTm.

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