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Top 5 VPN Apps for iOS in 2018

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TechTeria Staff

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On December 30, 2017
Last modified:December 30, 2017


Review, Comparison and Suggestion for Top VPN Apps for iOS in 2018 from the editors.

While there’s no doubt that Apple claims iPhone to be one of the most secured devices of all, people have managed to hack the devices. This has led to a huge breach of privacy.

In 2018, privacy has become a huge concern and hence, people have started taking this very seriously. The best solution for your privacy is using VPN (Virtual Private Network).

What is VPN?

Virtual Private Network, abbreviated as VPN is a service which enables the user to connect to the Internet securely without revealing the identity. VPN uses a temporary IP Address for every connection which is located in some other country (called server). This allows the user to hide their original IP Address from the websites online without any breach of privacy. VPN also allows users to access websites which are blocked or censored by their ISP.

While there are few VPN services available online, the best ones come at a price for which you need to subscribe in order to use them.


In this article, we’ll list 5 Top VPN Apps for iOS which you can use in 2018.




This is one of the most widely used VPN App for both Android and iOS. ExpressVPN supports older version of iOS. Along with this, it uses 256-bit encryption and has greater server coverage.

However, currently, there’s no trial available.

Price: As Cheap as $6.67/month



Another VPN Service which has gained popularity in 2017. NordVPN has servers is over 50 countries and allows P2P Transfer. Along with this, subscribers can use 1 subscription for 3 devices simultaneously.

Price: $3.29/month



Known for their high-performance servers, IPVanish has got servers in more than 60+ locations all over the world. They support up to 5 devices at a time which is extremely advantageous for those who need privacy on many devices.

Unfortunately, there’s no trial available for IPVanish.

Price: $6.49/month



A widely popular VPN App known for their above average speeds and quality connection. SaferVPN also protects your data against unsecured WiFi connections.

However, it logs some data as a part of its collection policy but they do claim that your recorded data will not be shared or submitted anywhere else.

The good part of this App is, they provide a Free 24-hour trial which allows you to give it a try before buying their premium subscription. SaferVPN also stands as the cheapest VPN Provider in this list.

Price: 4.99/month


Company claims that this is the fastest VPN among all the others. VyperVPN comes with ‘No Single IP address’ limit and automatic encryption of untrusted WiFi connections. However, it supports devices with iOS 9 or newer. Apart from this, they log some session data which they may use to improve the performance. VyperVPN has servers in more than 90+ locations and supports up to 5 devices simultaneously with over 200,000 IP Addresses.

Price: $5/month


If you have any suggestions for this list or have any questions, kindly post in the comments section below. We would love to answer all your queries related to VPN. You may also visit vpnAlert for more info about VPNs.

Review, Comparison and Suggestion for Top VPN Apps for iOS in 2018 from the editors.

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