Top reasons to choose iDevice over an Android

idevice-androidThe mobile platform has become the hot property these days and everyone is eyeing to gain the top spot in this arena. Cleary there are two main contenders who has their own share of followers and users. Currently, iOS is ruling the mobile platform and is the first choice for both developers and consumers who are baffled by a vast array of smartphones which are offered on the Android OS. There are a number of other factors which matter a lot to the consumers. So here are some of the factor on which the iOS scores better than the android and therefore would affect your decision to buy a new smartphone based on iOS rather than the Android. Lots of people are finding solution to sell their mobile phones and shifting to android. One day you also need to sell your cell phone then you can check a website like


Let’s see why we usually choose iDevices like iPhone, iPad or MAC over android.

  •  Security: The security remains the prime factors in which iOS scores well than the Android. Apple has been very strict with its antispyware and antimalware policies which are automatically reflected in the quality of apps which are published in the iTunes App Store. Google also has stringent quality measure but being an open source and open to all, would mean that there are more developers and thus it is difficult to evaluate the quality of each and every developer.
  •  Stability: The stability is another factor due to which the people prefer an iPhone rather than the Android. The UI Responses and Lag simply doesn’t exist on an iPhone as compared to Android. Despite releasing, Android Ice Cream Sandwich, the Android has to come a long way in catching with the Apple. The Multi touch and the rotation lag which is featured in a number of games and applications are rendered best on iOS as compared to Android. So Android really needs to buckle up and make it at par with the iOS as far as the stability and UI responsiveness is concerned.
  •  Variety: Many of you might think that having a wide variety of devices which can run on the Android OS can be beneficial but there are a number of issues which are related to the hardware and other firmware with the phones which are being manufactured by a number of hardware vendors all across the globe. As a result an app which is running on an Android phone made by Samsung would not be running smoothly on the phone manufactured by Motorola or Sony. This not only confuses the end users over which phone they should buy, but it also perplexes the developers who have to modify their source codes to match different hardware. Apple on the other hand has a limited set of hardware which is being offered to the consumers and the developers can also focus on their apps rather than the underlying hardware.
  • Updates: This is another overhead one has to bear with. Apple takes a long time to introduce updates and other features in its OS as compared to Android which has a pretty shorter development cycle which means that the users would be getting the newer versions faster and they still have to update their phones more frequently.
  •  Enterprise Uses: Many large corporations and many top executive usually use BlackBerry or iOS to satisfy all their enterprise needs. The Android is usually not preferred mainly because of the security concerns. Today, we see a number of corporations breaking away from the BlackBerry and shifting their focus on iPhones and other iDevices like iPad.

So, the final choice of selection of smartphone lies with the end user. We have listed some of the top reasons which convey why an iDevice is better than an android. There are a number of other services such as Siri, iCloud which are exclusive to the Apple and there are no effective alternatives to it. So, if you like the services of Siri and iCloud then you can easily understand my points.


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