Top Pet Gadgets for Busy Fur Parents

Parenting is rough and demanding for busy parents, even if you are a ‘fur parent’, so to speak. However, technology, as with everything else, can make it easier and even more fun. Fortunately, there are lots of pet gadgets for just about all your pet needs, ranging from feeding to scooping up the litter and spicing up your fun time. Here is a review of some of the top pet gadgets for busy fur parents.

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Pet Feeder

One of the biggest concerns for busy fur parents is keeping their pets fed when they are away. Your pet shouldn’t starve just because you are at work. With a good pet feeder, you can set a personalized feeding schedule for your pet.

Smart pet feeders have advanced capabilities. Pet owners can deposit different kinds of food and beverages for their pets. Schedules are also flexible – the feeders can release precise amounts of food at the exact set times. As such, pet owners can stay away for the whole day (or days at a time, in case of traveling professionals) and never have to worry about their pets going hungry.

Many pets familiarize themselves with pet feeders quickly enough, especially when they realize that’s where the goodies come from. A pet feeder will definitely be a convenient and welcome addition to your home, for everyone.

Pet Video Monitor

Your pet needs food. Your pet also needs your company. Your boss will probably fire you if you take your pet to work, but you can always bridge the distance using technology.

Smart pet monitors are designed to facilitate one-on-one communication with your pet at any time from wherever you may be. The typical pet monitor includes a screen monitor and a microphone. The screen enables you both to see each other, and the microphone facilitates one-on-one communication. Top pet monitors support HD video and audio qualities, which makes the experience as life-like as possible. Some even allow you to record a video of your pet.

Assuming that your pet is already familiar with screen technology, familiarizing him/her with the pet monitor will be easy. Some pet monitors also have motion detectors that notify you when your pet is in range.

Smart Pet Trackers

Do you know what is worse than not seeing your pet all day long? Answer: not seeing your pet at all! Sadly, pets get lost easily – some never to be seen again. This should be your worst fear, and you should prevent it using a smart pet tracker.

Every responsible pet owner knows to have a pet tracker. However, smart pet trackers are a plus. In addition to tracking your pet’s location, these trackers have advanced capabilities, such as geo-fencing. A pet tracker with geo-fencing capability notifies you when your pet leaves the set boundaries so that you can take action as early as possible. Another capability of smart pet trackers is health monitoring, whereby the tracker measures the pet’s vitals to tell whether they are in any form of danger.

Pet owners with new pets will also appreciate advanced pet trackers designed to facilitate pet training. These trackers help pet owners train their pets on where and where not to go. You can also take a look at vivint camera with specially designed doorbell camera which may be useful when you’re not so active at home.

Smart Litter Box

The pet life seems all cute and cushy. However, one of the main downsides of owning a pet is taking out the litter when the pet does their business, so to speak. The sight and odor are not enviable. It would be nice if you didn’t have to clean after your pet every time, right? It is possible with technology – or, more specifically, with a smart, self scooping litter box.

A self-scooping litter box takes out the stool after your pet. The box scoops the poop up and throws it into a plastic bag that is then sealed to contain the odor. Some smart litter box models have technology that lets them know when the pet goes, so you will never find poop lying around.

Pet Toys

You would be bored out of your mind if you were confined to one place with nothing to do all day, right? This is the same case with your pet, and it is not fair. Your cat should have the best kitten teething toys when you are away.

There are ordinary pet toys, and then there are smart pet toys. Smart pet toys are capable of interacting with your pet in a way that makes playing feel two-sided. For instance, there are ball throwers that facilitate games of fetch and smart laser pointers that keep your car chasing laser dots on the wall for hours on end.


Pets are demanding. As a smart pet owner, you should overcome the inconveniences of owning a pet using technology. There are all sorts of pet gadgets, and many have a useful purpose with a fun aspect about it. These five top pet gadgets are a must-have for every busy fur parent.

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