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Top Gaming Smartphones to Consider in 2016

Mobile phones have now been at the centre of technological advances for the last decade, since the arrival of smartphones they have become essential to most of our daily lives. The constant rise of apps and games has led to smartphone developers having to make their phones more powerful than ever providing great graphics and smooth interfaces. This piece will guide you through the best smartphones for gaming in 2016.



lg g5

The LG G5 smartphone possesses all the key aspects of great gaming phone, its powerful 2.9GHz processor allows it’s users to play big fast paced games with no interruption or performance issues. Its screen is well adapted to provide great graphics and stunning colours and also gives the user a decent 5.6” HD screen meaning they won’t miss a thing when it comes to mobile gaming. The handset is available with either 16, 32 or 64GB dependant on your gaming needs should that be for fast paced action games or winning big money playing mobile roulette on sites such as mobilecasino.co.nz.


HTC One M10:


The next phone on the list for 2016 is the HTC M10, this phone is equipped with great specs such as its 3.5 GHz processor making it one of the most powerful HTC phones to date. When it comes to smooth operating it provides its user with 4 GB of RAM allowing gamers to play their games with no issues ruling out all interruptions no matter what game they are playing. One of its best features has to be its mobility, this phone can be charged with wireless technology meaning the days of sitting as close to the plug sockets as possible are over.


Apple iPhone 7:

iphone 7

The latest addition the iPhone family will be the iPhone 7, it is due to hit the shelves in September 2016 and will be the most anticipated smartphone of 2016. What about for gamers though? The iPhone 7 will come with 2GB of RAM which is more than enough to provide a slick interface when paired up with Apples unique operating system. Some may dismiss this latest iPhone due to its battery life being decreased but this is countered with access to games only available in the Apple Store and if we have learnt anything from the past it is never to underestimate an iPhone.


Samsung Galaxy S7:


Samsung have produced some great phones over the years through their Galaxy S series and their latest product will not disappoint mobile gamers across the world. Its 4 GB of RAM is more than enough to meet the fast and smooth interfaces required by modern gamers. In terms of other specs its 3.5 GHz processor speaks for itself and has already made waves in the gaming community making it a highly anticipated phone. If you’re looking for screen quality this phone also provides the goods with a 5.5” super AMOLED screen meaning HD games can be played with ease and more important without loss of quality.


So after looking at these phones do we have a winner? They are all expected to be great gaming phones but the iPhone 7 does let itself down with a decreased battery life and a standard LED screen rather than the AMOLED improvement. The Samsung Galaxy S 7 is the best all-rounder gaming phone with every spec contributing to a better gaming experience but I’m sure we will find out soon enough once all the phones have been released.

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