Top 5 Best News Apps

You know what’s the biggest problem with these newspapers? The updates are not carried out instantly and you have to wait for some period of time to see that particular stuff in the newspapers. Therefore, to overcome the problem of the newspapers developers developed the news apps that not only gives the daily happenings of the globe but also thrash the sections with the breaking news.

In this article, I will be giving you the list of apps that you must definitely have on your device.

  1. THE HINDU: – Official app of a popular newspaper, The Hindu has large sources that grab the information from every corner of the world. Even if you are struggling with your Internet connection, the app has an extremely simple UI to cope with the problem. Although its home screen consists of news from different sections such as politics, sports, business, one can also slide from left to look at their favourite topics.

the hindu

Download here THE HINDU

  1. NDTV: – It is the official app of a popular news channel that we daily see to start our morning. Compatible with iOS, Android, and Window Phones, this app not only allows you to read articles but also the videos related to it. In the iOS application, one can also enjoy audio streaming of the various NDTV channels.


Download here NDTV

  1. AWESUMMLY: – An Indian startup reaching the heights of success in a short interval of time is far more than appreciable and this app has proven that nothing is impossible in this world when you have the courage to face the omens. This app summarizes the content in 600 words to provide a better reading experience to the readers. The idea behind this summarizing was the busy schedule of the people who don’t have enough time to read the whole content. With this app, you can easily have the updates of the things happening across the world and not only the updates you can also enjoy audio streaming, offline reading and online sharing of the contents.



Download here AWESUMMLY

  1. DAINIK JAGRAN: – It is also the official app of a popular Hindi news channel that enables the users to read the contents in Hindi. In the run of knowing the information around the world, we sometimes forget to know about the things happening in our locality. This app has a personalized section where after entering the state and the respective city you can easily know about the ongoing things around you.


Download here DAINIK JAGRAN

  1. NEWS360: – News360 finds out the type of news you are interested in, then dig out the information from every corner of the world and presents it to the users to take advantage of the useful contents. In the personalized section, you can have the full updates of the topics you are interested in. It has more than 100,000 sources from the top national news providers. It has a beautiful interface that allows you to read the attractive stories and peep deep into the content.


Download here NEWS360

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