The Advancements of VR and Augmented Reality and it’s effects on Mobile Industry

The concept of Virtual Reality originates from the 1935 sci-fi short story ‘Pygmalion’s Spectacles’. The story describes a goggle-based virtual reality system with holographic recording of fictional experiences including smell and touch.
Fast forward 80 years and the Samsung VR headsets have sold over 5 million units to date worldwide, plus there are the competing brands with 3.6 million people buying the Oculus rift, the 2.1 million chose the HTC Vibe and 1.4 million with the Sony Morpheus. Right now we are at the start of something much bigger so expect many other brands and companies to join the party in the near future.

The mobile gaming industry is highly lucrative and constantly growing every day. As mobile technology grows, the popularity of mobile gaming grows with it. Online casinos are enjoying greater success leaving their land-based counterparts all but obsolete while mobile also plays host to a variety of other apps that attract audiences to gaming.

Changing the World

It is not just the entertainment world that is benefitting from Virtual Reality. A Swedish initiative is using the technology to help children conquer their fear of swimming. Currently one fifth of Swedish children can’t swim due to anxiety or fear of water. The Swedish Swimming Federation has joined forces with E.On to provide children with a 360 video experience, via headset, featuring members of the Swedish National Swimming team who take the child under the water and encourage simulated breathing experience, all the while the child remains firmly on dry land until they’re ready to take the plunge for real.

Mobile Casinos

When casinos found a home for themselves online they brought an existing customer base with them but they have also built upon their success by reaching out to a vast number of players who has never been able to enjoy the casino experience before. The online casino business is now bigger than many experts could have ever predicted and have generated revenue of over £2.4 billion in the UK alone. Many online casinos are now cross-platform, thanks to the advancement of Smartphone’s and tablets, allowing members to access the same account across a number of devices. You can brush up  your blackjack knowledge ahead of trying out the Ladbrokes Casino.
Online casinos find themselves as purpose built for the mobile format due to their accessibility that allows consumers to play them on the move. Players don’t need to invest to much of their time to the games and they can just play for as long or as short as they like whenever it suits them, great that busy train journey to and from work each day. Modern tablets, Smartphone’s and laptops are well-equipped to handle even the busiest of websites, assuring users the safety and security when they play online with their real money.

Future of Online Gaming

The technological world is on the precipice of another huge change. Virtual Reality is here and you can expect it to be become an essential part of our lives within the next few years. The future is the hands of the game developers as we begin our transition into the virtual world. Online casinos have already shown how well they can evolve and innovate within the online community, as VR grows there is no doubt that online gambling will adapt to the format. Who knows, by the turn of the next decade you might be able to slip on your VR headset and stroll around your favourite casino from the comfort of your own living room.
The cinema industry is already embracing the use of VR headsets and you can bet your bottom dollar that the online gambling industry won’t be far behind.

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