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How to Take the Great Selfies

This will no doubt be the most photographed generation ever. We snap photos of every event, every milestone, wine labels, license plates. Smartphones have become the vehicle for documenting our lives. Part cell phone, part camera, part scanner and part copy machine. We have become a snap happy culture. With the advent of the cloud, these photos can be treasured for decades to come. Remember going through all the negatives just to find a photo to develop? Times have changed. We can video every room, presentation, mishap or pet movements. The fun really started with the advent of the selfie. (Thank you Ellen!)

Just how do you take that perfect selfie?  Do you use a selfie stick or not? Since so many smart phone photos are candid, there is no time to primp or rethink your outfit.  Just smile and show off your beautiful teeth! As long as you stick to dentist-approved methods, whitening your teeth is considered safe. Make sure to use the method that fits your needs and always follow the directions for the product. Contact your dentist if you experience any side effects.

When taking a selfie without a selfie stick, give the camera to the tallest person that will be in the photo. Hold the camera above head level and snap away. With a selfie stick the options are limitless. Selfie sticks will also work with videos. This opens unlimited possibilities! Have fun with it. Selfie sticks are idea for capturing large crowds or panoramas of large events.

Always keep in mind that your smartphone camera can be used to snap pictures of your favorite wine labels, prescription bottles and license plates. The possibilities are unending. When shopping retail stores, software is available that allows you to snap a photo of a products bar code and be notified if that product can be found at a lesser price within a specified radius. Students are using smartphones cameras in class to take photos of whiteboard notes and homework information. Maybe the art of taking notes will fade away with the art of writing cursive.

Just knowing that you always have a camera handy can be very convenient.  Once consider a device for taking pictures of people and landscapes, smartphone cameras are used to document and store just about every aspect of our lives today.

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